31 May 2006
Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen Things I Truly Enjoy!
(specifically hobbies)

*Now some of these hobbies/activities I've done for a long time, some I haven't done in a long time (due to babies) and others I have just recently started since being a SAHM. Here tis is...

1. Running
2. Golfing
3. Soccer
4. Sewing
5. Scrapbooking
6. Writing
7. Cooking
8. Organizing
9. Singing (in the privacy of my own home)
10. Digital Photography
11. Reading (magazines only)
12. Calligraphy
13. Duh, Blogging

*Stay tune for next week's TT Part II- it will be thirteen things Theresa wishes she could do! Don't be alarmed if there are some repeats from today's list :-)

Forgot to add:
The following graphic courtesy of Emily.

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30 May 2006

It's time again for the mid-week tip of the week.

I seem to be struggling with new tips for Wednesday's posts. For two reasons, one someone already takes my idea and two since we are moving again, I'm not feeling to organized at the moment. But I'll do my best...

Since living in a two-story home I find it very frustrating to go up and down the steps every time I need to do something that is not downstairs. Hence, I've created what I call "mini-stations". Everything that I always go for upstairs I have made readily available downstairs as well. But, due to my OCD tendencies they are hidden!

For example, diaper changing station:

No longer do I carry baby up the stairs to her changning table to change those dirty diapers!

* In the top drawer, I have for me lip balm, an extra contact case, extra pair of glasses, contact solution, nail clippers and hair bands!
My second favorite is in a kitchen cabinet:

I keep a three-drawer sterlite bin with all my little neccessities from the bathrooms upstairs and other things from my desk upstairs:

For instance, chap stick, band-aids, Neosporin, some medicine, medicine droppers, Sharpie, one screwdriver, scissors, etc.

I also have a hamper in the spare room downstairs for dirty dish towels, bibs, and clothes that come off the kiddos throughout the day. (Although this one is not hidden right now because it is small and not an "eye sore". There you go!

Call it lazy...I call it Smart!

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The Black Blob
This weekend was a little stressful needless to say. Two MAJOR things happened to me. First, since I didn't blog about it, I have to tell you that for Mother's Day/Anniversary present I got the Janome Memory Craft 3000! *drooling* I have been wanting a new computerized sewing machine since I left Texas last year. And, finally hubs pulled out all the stops and said, "go online and find the one you want and email it to me". Isn't he the best?

Now to my weekend, I was really dreading my hubby traveling to Dallas all week and all my season finale shows being over last week - but I made myself some big plans. After the girls go down it's all about blogging (working on a new look), surfing the web, and sewing!!

Well it all started Friday night when hubs says, "Honey, how did you crack your screen?" Huh? Only to remember that earlier in the evening our Pack-n-Play that was packed up fell over on my laptop while is was lying on the ground. The lid was closed but apparently it got a good whack. No problem right? I can still blog, send emails, surf, etc. Then, it wasn't until Sunday when my hubby asks me to hem some of his pants. YES! I get to try out the JMC 3000! *knuckles cracking* I prepare my area, turn on some tunes and sit down. Only to my surprise to see the presser foot disconnected and a shiny silver part laying on my machine....I immediately yell, "V-I-C-T-O-R-I-A!"

After a little conversation she admits that she "just pulled the strings" and now my machine is busted.

My week is starting to look very grim and the only two items in this house that actually make my days bearable are both busted. And the longer the laptop sits the bigger the black blob grows! Here is a pic of what it looks like today just to give you an idea. I constantly have to move my now minimized screens around just so I can read a complete sentence.To make a long and sad story short AND after a little tear jerking hubby comes through once again and finds a sewing machine repair store that is open on Sundays. So off we went. And to my surprise a $5.41 used shank later and my machine is working like a charm.

As for the laptop, it's turning into a darker and darker hole each time I open it. It still works but it just takes twice as long to get around.

* Sorry ya'll... either blogger or my said laptop is not allowing me to post a picture at this time. I'll try again later. UPDATE: Pic is posted...thank goodness for Firefox!

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29 May 2006
Where did my baby go? PART 2
It was just over a week ago that I posted this. After this mornings incident I thought it was only appropriate to have a Part 2 added!

Here's the scoop on how our family deals with early risers. Each weekend my hubby and I take turns getting up with the kids while the other tries to sleep in. You have to understand that our children wake up between 5:30 and 6:00 EVERY morning! Now, if you know what's good for you, please, do not tell me how late your children sleep in over in my comments section! You will just depress me even more.

So here we are at 5:45am. Claire is starting to wake up like she does every morning - crying! After a minute or two passes you hear her saying, "been-ty, been-ty" (aka = binky). And, sweet hubby pretends, ignores (which ever verbage you choose) that baby Claire is crying. After a couple of more minutes pass I mumble, "Daddy go get Claire". So Daddy sloooowly starts to get out of bed to get her. By this time, Claire's crying has turned to screeching! Finally, Daddy gets baby and brings her back into our bedroom and says, "Mom, guess where baby Claire was when I went in her room?" Now my heart is racing because there are only two places she could possibly be? In her crib OR out of her crib...

You guessed it! My JUST turned 15 mos. old YESTERDAY has crawled/climbed/fell out of her crib I'm sure to capture her most prized possession - the "been-ty"! I can just see her thinking to herself, "well if Mommy and Daddy aren't going to come in and get it for me, I'll just get it myself!"

I'm not even exactly sure why I am surprised? I mean this child's milestones have been nail-biting, earth-shakin', just downright scary!! I mean if she can crawl into a tub at 8 mos. what do you expect? Right?

Well today Daddy is traveling again and so I will be the lucky one to get her each and every morning out of her crib or off the floor! I just pray my little heart out, that this was a one time fluke and the side of the crib railing was not locked all the way somehow and she accidently fell out while reaching for her been-ty!

Okay, that may be a stretch...but for now, let's just say that's what happened...

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A very important prayer request!!
K ya'll, I mentioned this in a post last week that I know WHY I blog. So PLEASE do me a favor and pray for a friend and her newborn baby Addison. Addison was born just over 4 lbs. with two holes in her heart! They are back in the ER right now with numerous issues going on. You can go here to get more specifics/updates and if you haven't been reading Sarah's In the Midst of It, you're really missing out in the blogosphere.

I know all you "mommies" out there can imagine what Sarah and her family is going through. So please, let's get this prayer chain started!!

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26 May 2006
Prayers Request and Praise
We have recently (as of yesterday) overcome a legal battle with our builder. See in AZ most builders put a lien on your house for the first year with restriction to sell, rent or lease within 12 months from closing. But there are exceptions to this rule i.e. job transfer within 25 miles or more. Hence, that is our situation. John is being relocated to Texas with a new job position. But, for some reason after two formal letters (one from us and one from John's corporate) the unidentified "builder" (to be nice) decided that they would not lift the $20,000 fine! I guess to be difficult. BUT, after many nights of prayer and consulting with a lawyer an unexpected call came yesterday. It was the above unidentified builder calling to say that they consulted with their legal department and decided to lift the lien. Thank you Jesus! Another answered prayer!

Prayer Request:
So, I'm sitting in my house currently holding an "Open House". But, can you really call it an Open House if no one shows up? We held a Open House last Sunday and one guy came through. Today we had none. However, we are holding the OH tomorrow and Sunday as well. So everyone I NEED YOUR HELP, please pray that we sell our house so we can go back home to Texas. I know that God has a plan for our family and our house will sell on his schedule but please keep keep praying for us that the house will sell sooner rather than later.

Thanks ladies, I have seen what a prayer chain of blogging mommies can do so thanks in advance!

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25 May 2006
Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons why I should be the next American Idol!
1. When I was younger I use to be the loudest singer in church over all the other kids.
2. I can hit some pretty high notes while singing in the shower, must be the steam.
3. I can sing to any song on the radio while in my car with no problem, that includes rock, country, christian and the Wiggles.
4. I grew up in a fairly small town so if I won I could make it famous or at least put it on the map.
5. I use to pronounce a word wrong just like Kelly Pickler - I use to say tor-till-la instead of tor-tee-ya.
6. I know every word to most theme songs like Dora the Explorer, Hi-5 and Scooby Doo. That should be good for at least one audition!
7. I can lip sync to any artist.
8. I own 3 bridal dresses and one prom dress to wear for the season finale. That includes matching dyed shoes and fake rhinestone necklaces.
9. Too enhance my stage presence I can do the worm, the snake and the Roger Rabbit! (k, did I actually just admit that.)
10. I have a very supportive network of family and friends that would vote regardless of my humiliation.
11. I already have a blog site where fans can come and chat with me.
10. In addition to number 11, I have my own email account where stalkers can send me emails.
11. I really thinkthat I can sing better than Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia and Carrie Underwood.
12. My three year-old and 15 month old think I have the best singing voice ever.
13. Because I believe I can BE... the next American Idol.
HA, HA, I hope you all know me by now that this was just for a laugh and, I can't wait for next season to start!

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23 May 2006

Today I'm going to give a tip and then I need all you smart mommies out there to help me with a tip!

First, my Works-For-Me Wednesday tip:

This is more of a beauty tip for all you mommies and it's cheap. If you want long curled looking eyelashes then grab yourself a plastic eyelash curler and get to work. My tip is to buy one that uses a soft clear plastic strip like this. This is the one I use.

Now trick is to heat the plastic strip before applying it to the eye. Just turn on your blow dryer on the highest heat setting and blast it for about 20 seconds. WARNING: please touch it with your finger first and make sure you're not going to burn yourself. Then immediately curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara, wa-la! It works beautifully and it sure beats paying for one of those fancy high cost self-heated eyelash curlers that really don't work!


Now here is where I need your help ladies...

In our new home we have a wrought iron baluster stair railing. I have a baby gate at the bottom but I need one for the top for my very active 14 month old.

Here's my dilemma: This kind of stair railing does not allow for the typical pressure gate to work. The wood base sticks out further than the top, so the gate does not touch on the sides once in place. And, I would get a wall mounted one but it is completely open at the top (meaning no walls on either side of the railing) AND since we are selling the home I don't want to drill holes in the beautiful wood.

Anyone with any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. I'm feeling a little desperate here.

Update: Sorry Shannon forgot to give you some link love to your awesome column here. Go to Rocks In My Dryer for more awesome ideas!

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Life's aches and pains, with a high pain tolerance I might add
I guess you can tell I haven't been blogging a lot but I've been in a little rut here. Let's just lay it all out here on the blogosphere...

My finger hurts. (It has been for over a year now.) I've been seeing a Hand Specialist and after a round of cortizone and later pain killers it was determined yesterday I have a cyst and need some minor surgery - great! Moving on...

My pelvic hurts. After never finding a dang OB/GYN in the whole Phoenix metroplex, it was suggested that I resort to my PCP (Primary Care Physician.) Tell me this first, why in the world does it take TWO months to get in to see an OB/GYN? Why? I mean I have been to every other doctor since I've moved to AZ with NO problems, but as soon as I try to get a new OB doctor it's like an act of congress. Do they get some sort of "delayed scheduling" training in medical school?

Sorry for the tangent...
Back to my pains, I had some wonderful (I'm being sarcastic here) womanly tests ran at the radiologists today so hopefully we will find out something soon.

Now for the technical aches and pains...my laptop is trying to die on me! The adaptor is not connecting fully and so the charge will not stay. UGH! Hence, everytime I try to read, write, or post it throws it all back at me or better yet it just shuts off.

Now for the emotional aches and pains...my hubby is flying back and forth to Dallas, Denver and Kansas City for the next month and I am taking care of two little ones, trying to sell a house and stay sane.

I know, I know, I hear ya'll now...do you want some wine with that cheese? As a matter of fact, YES! And, please Fed Ex so I don't have to make another trip to Wal-Mart with TWO teething, Daddy missing, I'm hot (like 105 degrees hot) kiddos again.

Signing off before the you know what tries to take a nasty turn on me.

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22 May 2006
A Sister's Love is the sweetest thing...
I just love my two little girls.

They are the sweetest things since sliced bread.

I watch them play all day long and Victoria is the best big sister. Claire climbs in her lap everytime she has a Dora the Explorer book and Victoria reads it to her. She literally has the books memorized - it's amazing her 3 year old brain. She also shares her sippy cups and makes sure Claire gets one too. She comes with me to put her to bed and brings her a special toy so "she won't cry". Then, crawls under her crib to find all her binky's she dropped from the night before. When she hears her wake up in the morning and says, "Mom, go get Claire she's crying!" She also checks all day long to see if she has a poopy butt, when she does she RUNS to get the diaper, the wipes and her diaper cream. She is the best big sister ever.

But, for some reason this morning I thought this was the sweetest thing ever. So simple but sweet as can be.

This morning the girls were outside playing and Victoria comes in the house and says, "Mom I'm going to wash Claire's binky because she dropped it in the dirt". Then, moments later she came back in the house and said, "Mom, I've gotta get a tissue cuz Claire's nose is running."

I looked outside and Victoria is holding the handle of Claire's binky in her mouth and using her other two hands, one to hold the back of her head and the other to wipe her nose!! Now, how sweet is that? It just made my heart melt.

Now, I'm not sure if it was something I was suppose to be doing, but I sure do think it was the sweetest thing I ever saw.

* For all you skeptics, this really did happen and I know that this will not last forever and the girls will have their moments and days of not sharing but I sure am enjoying this moment today.

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20 May 2006
How amazing this thing called the blogosphere is??
I've always wondered why I started a blog? Obviously, what I have to say is not important, nor earth shattering. But, for some reason, every morning I wake up pop open my laptop and off I go - either to post about something that is meaningless or to read others great earth shattering news. But, yesterday for some reason it all came together as to why I do this. I read Rocks In My Dryer (as I normally do) and she asked us to visit MomRN2 and to pray for her daughter.

After visiting the her site I found myself in tears. How can I cry for someone I don't even know and never met? So, I said a prayer for her daughter then went to post a comment of encouragement. Unlike nothing I have ever seen I was the 100th commenter on her post! (Yes you read that right over ONE HUNDRED comments.) Then, it hit me. The reason I blog is because of all the deep connections and God loving mommies out there. I am amazed how so many people can come together across the country and abroad to support one another! This is earth shattering to me and unlike nothing I've ever seen before.

If you haven't already please go to MomRN2 at My Quiet Corner and offer some encouragement and prayers to her and her family. Because I believe this is why we are here.

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18 May 2006
Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen favorite Things about my CHILDHOOD!

1. Roller skating in our basement (yes, they have those in Ohio) to my dad's 8-Tracks, preferably Johnny Cash!

2. Christmas Eve making a bed on the floor upstairs in our bedroom for all four of us to sleep while Santa came. Then, waking up Christmas morning and having my big sister "block the view" of the living room (where the presents were) until we all went potty THEN we could go in the and see the presents under the tree together.

3. Playing outside on our cul-de-sac in our Underoos! (Boy, couldn't do that today could you!)

4. When the weather was bad, we would play this made up game indoors where everyone would lay down on a step at the bottom of the stairs while one person at the top would drop every blanket and pillow in the house and try to cover the bodies up. (Sounds silly but it was hours of genuine fun!!)

5. Mom making hot chocolate on the stove after playing for hours out in the snow.

6. Playing wiffle ball and kick ball on the circle with the neighborhood kids. And, usually one day each summer all the parents would come out and play with us!

7. Taking bath's with my sisters and covering each other's backs with lots of soap, drawing pictures and having the other guess what you were drawing!

8. Watching Shirley Temple every Sunday morning.

9. Staying the night at my Aunt's house on Saturday nights and going to church riding the bus and singing bible songs. (Do Lord was my favorite.)

10. Running errands with mom in the back of the ole' station wagon and singing songs for her with my brother and sisters.

11. Going to the neighborhood park (Trail's End) during the summer and participating in their Parks-n-Rec program.

12. Playing board games and cards with my brother and sisters. Our favorites: Uno, Life and Monopoly.

13. Playing 33's and 45's on the record player and singing non-stop! Boy, do I feel old now!!

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16 May 2006
WFMW = Works-For-Me-Wednesday

Tah-dah! Tis' the day for blogging mommies,
click right here to see more WFMW.

Alright, my brain is a little fried from hubby being out of town this week so here is a quick tip! This may sound silly but I didn't think about doing it until someone pointed it out to me...

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you use creamer? Well, are you ever stuck in a place where you can't find a coffee stir? A spoon? and nothing to mix that little drink with? We'll here's your answer. I always put my creamer in my coffee mug FIRST then I pour the coffee! Magically the creamer and coffee mix together themselves. I do this every morning and I don't even have to dirty a little spoon anymore. And, what's better than having one less dish to wash right?

Okay...lame I know, but you know at least one mommy just had an "ah-ha" moment! :-)

Click here to see other participants from the creator Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer...

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15 May 2006
Where did my baby go?
So what age is it that babies actually move from being called a baby to a toddler? I guess it's time for me to confront this bittersweet change in my life and realize I technically have no more babies...

Little Miss Claire is running instead of walking, talking instead of cooing and eating instead of feeding. She holds her diaper and says 'tee-tee', when I ask her if she wants to go to time out she answers, "no". She says 'thank you' everytime you give her food or her sippy cup and starts to peel off her clothes if you ask if she wants a bath. She opens the pantry door when she wants a snack and says "binky" when she wants her pacifier. Today she was swimming in the pool with her big sister and just keeping up with no struggle at all. She chases the dogs around outside and calls them by name. She dances to anything that has a beat. She knows when we are going outside because she runs to get her shoes.

Here are her obviously late one year pictures. I can't believe how fast time flies...

Where did my baby go?

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UPDATE: House Videos
Okay, due to high demand *chuckle* the house videos are back up...but just for a short time I tell you. So, if you miss them this time I'm sorry! Please no unexpected visitors either!! Of course unless your interested in making an offer! *smiles*




That's all folks!

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The 7 Year Itch?

...well not exactly, but today John and I are celebrating our seven year anniversary! Yahoo! Let me clarify that in NO way do I have the "seven year itch". We are so much in love and it grows more and more each year. I especially love seeing him with our children. He is just head over heels about HIS girls! He is an amazing Daddy.

So, to commemerate our anniversary I thought I would share our engagement/wedding story...

I met John in 1996 through a mutual friend on my women's soccer team in Dallas, TX. After going through a dangerous breakup with my boyfriend at the time - John was there for the rescue!! How could I not fall in love in with my Knight in Shining Armor? I'll spare you all the horrid details about the break up, but what John says now, "I was just waiting for the right time to make my move". We still joke about it today!

After dating for just over a year John proposed to me on Valentine's Day in 1998 in New York, New York on a carriage ride through Central Park.

On May 15, 1999 just over a year later we got married in Las Vegas at the New York, New York Hotel and Casino. Do you see the coincidence here? (And no, Elvis was not at the wedding!) He ended the day with a surprise Valentine dinner at Palio's on 51st in downtown NY. Below is a picture of the scrapbook page I made when we got back. I have been a scrapper since high school and I made this scrapbook during the first year we were dating. You can tell by the photo that this was before Creative Memories and all the fun stuff became popular.

If you can see the picture on the left-hand side of the page - this is the picture right after he proposed...I was in tears! It's been wonderful ever since. I love you John, you are the love of my life! Happy Anniversary!

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12 May 2006
I'm going out on a limb here...

. . . and I'm going to say that, "I think Rachel Ray is pregnant!!"

Okay, I have no grounds to start this what could be rumor except for what I just saw on the Oprah show. Well, my first hunch was when my MIL was in town and we were discussing how we thought she had put on some weight. I chucked it up to, 'yeah she cooks, eats, sleeps and drinks food all the time'.

Then, the big tah-dah came today on the Oprah show...RR walks out on stage in the bright orangish/red shirt that swagged and crossed over her stomach. She looked a little heavier even from the last time I saw her. Not to mention she was just recently married in Tuscany! *inhale sigh* Continuing on my little theory here. ..then she was learning how to make Oprah's favorite drink, the Lemon Drop Martini. Well, they made the drink and then sampled it. Well let's just say Oprah sampled and Rachel just got her lips wet! I SO rewinded TiVo to make sure and yep she didn't actually drink it! Then, later in the show Rachel taught Oprah how to make Sangria. Again, Rachel and Oprah make a toast and Rachel just gets her lips wet. The third time she actually took a very small sip, I mean small. It was almost like she did it just to show she wasn't. Anyways, that's my lovely theory. What do you think?

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UPDATE: House Videos
Okay, due to high demand *chuckle* the house videos are back up...but just for a short time I tell you. So, if you miss them this time I'm sorry! Please no unexpected visitors either!! Of course unless your interested in making an offer! *smiles*




That's all folks!

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11 May 2006
My first attempt...
...at making a curtain all by myself and actually hanging it.

Okay, so in my last house I bought the material for the living room and my neighbor hemmed it for me. Not too hard to hang a swag-style curtain. Then, my friend Tiffany helped me make tie-on curtains for my master bedroom. If you could have seen my master bedroom wall-of-a-window you would know that this was a pretty challenging task. However, Tiffany and I did a fantastic job. Wish I had a picture of it. Anyways, Tiff basically taught me the basics of sewing (which I haven't done since about 9th grade) and since then I've been hooked. Now I have been making blankies, practice curtains with scrap material, just re-covered one of Claire's little chairs, made some pillows for Grandma Twyla to match her new chair (I felt very honored that she asked me to it for her) and finally a curtain all by myself!

I know it's not a big deal for some but the fact I:
1. picked out the fabric
2. decided what style to make
3. measured it right
4. hung it
5. it actually fit properly

...is a miracle in it's self. So below is a picture of my little accomplishment this week.

*And, now that we are selling the house I hope the new owners truly enjoy it!

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10 May 2006
Happy Mother's Day!
I figured since Mother's Day is just around the
corner that I would dedicate this TT to
Thirteen Things I Love About Being a MOM!
1. This Sunday when my daughter starting telling me the story she learned in Sunday School. "Mom...Mary broke the jar and rubbed it on Jesus' feet"!
2. Watching their eyes light up when you help them accomplish something they said they couldn't do.
3. Kissing a boo-boo and having them tell you it suddenly feels all better.
4. Rocking them to sleep in your arms.
5. Listening to them pray at night before going to bed.
6. Getting hugs and kisses for no reason at all.
7. Hearing them scream "Mommy" with excitement after they haven't seen you for 20 minutes.
8. Thinking how much joy they have brought to your life the minute they were born.
9. Holding their tiny hands while you cross the street.
10. Watching them grow year after year into a more and more mature being.
11. Listening to baby feet pitter patter across the floor.
12. Snuggling up on the couch together to watch a movie.
13. Taking all the great morals, values and lessons from my own Mom and passing them onto my children.
*Mamo, I'm not sure if you're reading this...but I love you very much and I'm so glad you are MY Mom - I wouldn't trade one minute of it for the world...I miss you and Happy Mother's Day!

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Works-For-Me-Wednesday w/ Bonus!

Continuing on the well thought up column from Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer here's today's WFMW!

Today is actually one tip with a bonus! First, ever go nuts with all those tupperware items and lids in a cabinet? Well, I swear by Rubbermaid bins and drawers. So, my most recent solution was to get a deep drawer to store all the small tupperware bowls and lids. If you have little ones you know how overwhelming this can be. When I unload the dishwasher I put together any bowls with lids and then throw them all in this drawer! It has been wonderful. I also keep it in the bottom cabinet so that the kids can pick out a snack bowl themselves. They love it! All other larger tupperware gets put together and stacked in another cabinet. Note: I always put the tupperware pieces together before I store them so I'm not looking for lids when it comes time to use them. (Now if the hubby does dishes this does not happen. ) This rule also applies to sippy cups too...valves and all!

Now for the Bonus:

Below is my solution to organizing all my pots & pan lids...you know the ones that we rarely use. I got my sorter from The Pampered Chef but you can find them just about anywhere. This keeps them from clanking together in the broiler drawer and they are easy to find the right size when I actually need one.

* Yes, you can see that my drawer is labeled by my wonder label machine (I told you I label everything!) But, this is so hubby knows what's in the drawer - because like he'll actually open the drawer to see for himself!!

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09 May 2006
Blogger Frenzy!
k, blogger is on a major frenzy this morning...I've been trying to post since 6AM mountain time! My morning has not been quite the same...what does that say about my blog habits?? Hmmmm?

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House for Sale - Buckeye, AZ
Well here is the update from our first showing on Sunday. The realtor called yesterday and said, "they LOVED your house"! She says they have to see if they can get qualified for a loan now. So as it stands we are waiting for this family to meet with their lender. Now the possibility of the first looker to actually buy I know is unheard of especially only being on the market for two weeks. So, I'm not getting my hopes up but secretly I am SO praying that they will get qualified and buy it!

Now the reason for the title of the blog, I was hoping if anyone did any house hunting over the Internet (like I'm doing) that they might see my post. So here is a small recap of the house for anyone looking:

3,032 square feet
5 bedrooms; 2 1/2 bath
2 living areas
media room (w/ surround sound pre-wire)
located on a cul-de-sac
on a huge pool-sized lot
mountain views
north/south facing

If interested or want to see pics, please leave contact information in my comments. Sorry ya'll for the small marketing plug but be ready for tomorrow's Work-For-Me Wedesday tip!

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07 May 2006
A Little Slice of Heaven
I think I had a little slice of heaven today...first, let me preface this by giving you some history about my week. You may not know that hubby has been out of town the last four days working and looking for a new home for us back in Dallas. AND, visiting our best friends Robin and the family, AND eating Tex-Mex AND... okay back to my point. Needless to say, I have been a little restless this week. I love to get up and go with my kiddos but with the house on the market this takes a little more effort to do. I've got to pick up the house, lock up the dogs, and make sure everything is in "show" material. I have been taking care of the kiddos 24/7 by myself, feeding diapering, bathing, playing, and getting up at 5:30am every morning to my 3 yr. old saying, "Mom, get up it's light outside" -Ugh! Not to mention I was blogging and shopping online (for a house) very late, I mean very late EVERY night! So by the time Daddy gets home Saturday night I am put out.

So you ask, where is that slice of heaven? Well today hubby gets the "Best Husband Award"! First, he took the kids to Starbucks so mommy could sleep in! Rock on! Then I got ready and the family attended church service. I had an emotional morning singing and worshiping our God. I love those kind of services, don't you? Then, off to Caramba's for lunch. Okay, the little one was fussy so we eneded up getting mine to go. Then, here is where it really gets good...

Hubby tells me to go get my Spa Pedicure I had been wanting so I could get a break from the kiddos - sweet! So with my pink iPod and bottled water in tow I headed off to get my toes done. Oops, I almost forgot I need gas. (Just forget it took $56 bucks to fill up my tank at $3.14 gallon!) Meanwhile I run into a very nice couple from Texas at the pump. (I still have my Texas plates if your wondering how they knew) and we are carrying on a great conversation, I'm from Denton they're from San Antonio, blah, blah, blah. As I'm putting my gas cap back on the gentlemen walks up to me and says, "ma'am I'm so embarrassed to ask you this but do you have any spare change?" Not sure if it was the whole Fellowship Church shirt I was wearing and all but I told him I would have to check. Because as any of my close friends know, Theresa have cash? - LOL! At first I was a little irritated but then the Holy Spirit came over me. I mean how could I be so mean, here I am driving in my big nice car, paying over $50 to fill it up like it was nothing and I have NO spare change?? So, I kindly looked in my wallet and I actually had a five dollar bill. So, I walk over to him and give it to him and his wife. He says, "God Bless you ma'am, thank you, thank you"! How could I let a poor Texan down?

Sorry for the sidetrack but that story was part of my little slice of Heaven. After gettting in my wallet for the man's cash I noticed I had two gift cards burning in my wallet for Linens-N-Things. Thought to self, I have to make one pit stop before the nail salon! So, I'm walking into the store and my cell phone rings - it's our realtor!! Someone is in the area and wants to see our house - yahoo! After being on the market for ONE week we finally got a call. Do you think giving the Texas folks five bucks at the pump meant anything? I do. It wasn't even five minutes later that God answered my prayer for someone to come see the house. Luckily, John was there to do the quick pickup before they arrived.

So, elated I leisurely and kid-free hit the aisles and spend my lovely gift cards all on me. Now, I'm off too get my Spa Pedicure. After one hour I have bubble gum pink toes, with flowers made of gems and glitter polish and well massaged calves. (I would post a pic of the toes but after knowing many of you are not "feet-friendly folks" I'll leave it up to your imagination.)

To top my day off I make a stop at the local Starbucks for a Java Chip Frappaccino - ahhhh, utter bliss! So I drive home to some well rested kiddos, a rested hubby and a glowing Mommy! The evening was topped off with my favorite dish - pasta with homemade sauce, sprinkled with fresh Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and a new episode of Desperate Housewives. Did I mention my husband was gone for four days??

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04 May 2006
Oh My Heavens!
This is my 14 month old this morning...she has been doing this for the past two weeks and I can't seem to break her from the thrill of it all! (In the background, you'll hear my 3 1/2 year old singing to her McDonald giraffe wrapped in a little hanky!)

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03 May 2006
Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen Things you probably never knew about ME!

1. I got my first job when I was 15, at a local pizza chain. During high school I became a manager at that lovely pizza shop and worked there for three years.

2. I then decided I wanted two jobs and started working at a local Subway shop. Bad idea, at that store I was robbed at gunpoint! A month later I decided to quit both jobs...

3. During that time I was a freshman in college attending Kent State University. I was taking Karate as my freshman PE requirement. When I didn't show up for class the next day, my Sensei thought I tried some new moves that she taught me on the robbers! (Not quite!) smile

4. I've attended (count them with me) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 colleges to get my 4 year degree in 12 years! I know nothing to brag about.

5. While attending the University of Akron (in Ohio for all you southerners) I was jumped by two men walking to a party. No serious harm - they were drugged out looking for cash and jewelry.

6. One of my greatest jobs was working for a rare book dealer who collected Illuminated Manuscripts from the Medieval and Renaissance period. We actually ended up with a manuscript that was stolen from the Vatican commissioned by the Italian poet Petrarch!

7. I have been most blessed to travel around the world since being with my one and only soul mate! Some places I've ventured include: New York, Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, Key West, Cancun, San Francisco, Denver, Breckenridge, San Diego, Oahu, Hawaii, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Cayman Islands, Maui, Hawaii, Paris, London, my fav- Notting Hill, Las Vegas, Napa Valley, Puerto Rico, San Antonio, Houston, Galveston, and Dallas, Memphis, and Hot Springs, of course!

8. I lost my original wedding rings and had to go to back to our jeweler and have new ones made. (He gave me a 10% discount on the new one at least!)

9. My great great grandpa, great great aunt and great great uncle are in the Guiness Book of World Records (1962) for the longest surviving triplets!! (Bet you didn't know I was famous.)

10. Two years ago this month I found out at 12 weeks that John and I had lost our baby. The baby is in heaven now and waiting one day for us to meet.

11. I love to play Golf. John and I use to be members of our country club back in Texas and played everyday after work (and weekends) until it got so dark we couldn't see the little white ball anymore. Boy, those were the days before kids huh?

12. Even though I call Texas home, I am originally from Ohio my first home. And, I still call coke "Pop" - because that's what it is...don't get me started!

13. When I was in High School it was one of the best and most important times in my life. My sisters still make fun of me for the following geek track record: I was our Class Treasurer my junior and senior year. I was on the Student Council for two years. I participated in cheerleading, soccer, basketball and our school musical (Oklahoma). And, I was voted on our "Senior Superlatives" as the student with the Best Student Class Spirit! Notice it wasn't most likely to Succeed!

So there you have it - 13 some interesting and not so interesting facts about T-Lo!

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02 May 2006
We chopped it off!
After months of contemplating I decided to get Victoria's hair all cut off! The reason this has been such an issue is because my mom use to do this to me when I was little and everyone mistaken me for a boy! I so hated that...so after this, I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and do it. I think it turned out adorable and Victoria really likes it! Phew!

After we got home I told Victoria she looked like a princess and since then she has put on all her princess dresses and asked me to take her picture! I know (of course) Dora happens to get in the pic as well. Go figure, she's everywhere! Oh, and you don't get to see the pic of Aurora or Snow White because for some reason my blog gets all whacked out when there's too many pics!

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