26 July 2008
Hand sculpted dog cake

UPDATE: This is an update to the questions that have popped up in comments. I apologize for the fast and quick post yesterday on the cake but I was literally running out the door.

So here goes...

This was a practice cake because it was the first time I've made homemade fondant icing. It turned out great but I got some great tips from a dear friend (who by the way is way more qualified and gifted than I'll ever be) on how to make the fondant taste a little better.

I got the idea from here but after I watched the video I did not realize the sculptor in the video was a top New York City-chef specializing in custom designed cakes and owner/founder of Confetti Cakes. She is AMAZING!

I watched the video with the girls and after it was done Sissy said, "Mom, I wish you could make me that cake for my birthday?" And I in shock said, "Honey, I'm sure that's a professional." There was a short pause and then she said, "Maybe you can take a cake class!"

ROFL!!!!!! (Rolling On The Floor Laughing)

Of course, I started to think about it and finally curiosity caught the cat and I thought to myself, "maybe I can make a mini one???" So there I was watching the video AGAIN observing every detail...steps, ingredients, tools, technique, etc.

It took 1 1/2 days to make the cake. I baked all the cakes and built the body on Friday afternoon/evening, then made the head the following afternoon. I don't know how many total hours I spent but it actually went quicker than I expected.

I used my homemade fondant icing and hand sculpted all the fur using a kid's Dixie plastic knife. I've got some high quality tools around here. I made two cakes, one 8 inch and one large batter bowl. Although, I ran out of cakes and still needed to make the head so I made a batch of brownies in a small batter bowl. Like I said this was practice. LOL!

So there you have it. The next go round' I'm going to make two batches of fondant with my new recipe (thanks Sweet Diva), modify the color of the dog, add some bling since it is a 'Glamour Dog' party and hopefully make it all using cake. :-)

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23 July 2008
i HEART mudrooms
Compared to the other houses I've lived in, this house by far has the biggest laundry room. Now I think that is a bonus...but really how can it be a bonus if it has no storage/cabinets/closets? Because if you've read this blog for any length of time you know that storage and organization are my two BF's. :-)

I've always been a big fan of mudrooms...the type you see in some very large homes. You know the kind where a room/hallway that connects to the garage or laundry room. Since we didn't have a separate room for one in our house, I decided to have one built in my extra large laundry room (off the garage.) Once I got the idea of what I wanted, it didn't take me long to find someone to build a storage unit that had mudroom-like functionality.

I'm so excited to say that it is finally finished and turned out better than I ever expected. Alas, here is our new made-up mudroom...
Now you can't see this very well in the picture but the backing is beadboard. My friend also cut out holes in the backing so I can still use my two electrical outlets. On the bottom bench (where it is stained) they are actually three hinged seats that lift up where the girls can store their shoes. I even had them pick which cubby they wanted so they could put their shoes inside. I still have to purchase three baskets to put up top but I'm truly enjoying it. No more over flowing rack of shoes and over stuffed hooks. :-)

I might even buy some of those rub-on letters and label the cubbies with their initials. I know...too much, right? It was Better Homes & Garden idea not mine!
(I think if you click the pic it might get bigger)

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20 July 2008
Latest home projects
There is no denying that when my dad is in town he means business. I just realized that I have not blogged much, if not at all about my amazing father. It's not because I don't think about him it's just that I don't see him near as much as I want to. He lives out of state and it's not exactly an eight hour drive away either.

But my dad has to be one of the most creative, smart, hardworking, man that I know. He can literally work on anything and fix it. Not only is he good at it but he enjoys helping others. My friends and neighbors know him and want to know where they can get a Rent-a-Dad! He's that good and knowledgeable. In fact, in the past some neighbors have paid him to do help around their house while he was here visiting!

Here's is the long list of what he did during his visit here a few weeks ago. Not to mention we spent three days in San Antonio and he still managed to get all this done. I really felt bad he worked so much during his visit, but every time we finished one project he would say, "what else you got on your list?" That's Dad...

1. New attic flooring. (pic below)
2. New register vent in garage
3. New register in attic
4. Insulation on garage door
5. Discovered and cleaned Fresh Air Ventilation System
6. Hung new light fixture in 1/2 bath
7. Hung new mirror in 1/2 bath
8. Fixed drain in master bath
9. Fixed magazine rack in MB stall
10. Added light in Sugar's closet
11. Took down 1/2 bath mirror (was almost impossible)
12. Cleaned gutters
13. Destroyed every wasp and mud dauber nests on the house
14. Fixed curtain rod in MB
15. Repaired dryer vent hose
16. Adjusted refrigerator doors
17. Added drawer pulls in kitchen
18. Adjusted dishwasher racks
19. Fixed two drawer tracks in kitchen
20. Cleaned vents inside house and outside
21. Inspected HVAC and fixed filters
22. Removed tree stakes from front lawn
23. Wash & detailed SUV

Now is he awesome or what?? Thanks Dad for everything you do (and did)! I love you lots and miss you already!!

Heres the attic flooring he added, I couldn't get pictures of the whole area but you get the idea...

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