28 February 2007
I can't believe she's TWO!
Two years ago today our second little princess was born. I remember the day going to my sonogram to find out the sex of the baby and being terribly disappointed. But no this was not because of the sex but, because her little legs were crossed and we couldn't see if our little one was a he or a she at the time.

I remember the sonographer telling me "I've got a stubborn one here". Boy, was he right. Sugar is as strong-willed today as she was in the womb. :-)

And though she may be strong-willed her big blue eyes will make you forget everything she's done bad in a nano-second. She has the sweetest heart and loves on everyone that acknowledges her presence. And nearly everyday she tries to imitate her big sister and be a "big girl".

However, there are times when she has a mind of her own.

Remember that strong-willed baby I mentioned earlier? Well yesterday, said baby found herself in the ER after guzzling down some Children's Benadryl. Even though Mama thought it was out of her reach she proved me wrong. Sugar managed to push a solid wood chair over to the kitchen counter, climb on top of the counter, crawl way down down the kitchen counter, across my stove and reach the medicine bin on the third shelf in the corner cabinet. And what's more amazing was that houdini herself was able to remove the "child proof" lid on the bottle. Fortunately, after a few vital checks and regular monitoring in the ER, Sugar's only side effect was a big ole' sleep-o-fest for the majority of the afternoon.

On the contrary, today she has been telling herself "Hapy Birfday" and saying "I'm twooo"! She spent the day playing Barbie's, dolls and watching Barney and Curious George with her Sissy.

Tonight I put her in her crib with her Pooh bear, blankie and binki's. And though that sounds still so much like a baby, I still can't believe she's two!

Happy Birthday my sweet Sugar!

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26 February 2007
Vegas Baby
So this past weekend I drove to Las Vegas to meet a friend of mine for a few days. It was the first time (in a long time) that I was in my car, by myself, for 5 hours without listening to Barney or some other preschool-aged video. I actually got to drive through beautiful mountains, with beautiful weather, the sun roof open at speeds only God and I shared. :)

And boy did I have a blast! I got to see wild horses, stunning sunsets, gorgeous mountains, Hoover Dam and jam out to my 80's tunes as loud as possible! You know you are having a good time when you video tape yourself driving singing to My Sharona...oh yes I did!!

Best of all, it's a good time in Vegas when you come home with more money than you left with. Yes siree, Rapid Roulette and I got along very well. And, Tito and Miquel were great dealers! We stayed at the lovely Paris Las Vegas Resort and Casino and spent one night at a Dualing Piano bar called Napoleon's. The next evening we had tickets to see The Ultimate Variety Show at the Aladdin. The other fine enjoyment was eating at P.F. Chang's and Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. Did I mention this was all done without wrestling any kiddos?

Eventhough the fun had to end at some point, I was sad to say bye to my girlfriend but it was a true joy to say, "I'll see ya in about two and a half weeks!"

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22 February 2007
Clearly, this is an addiction
Look at this picture...need I say more? This is what I've been organizing the past two days as part of the big move. Can you believe it?

This is what you get when you marry a man who is addicted to technology! Now I'm not talking about your average joe who likes gadgets. I'm talking about a guy who was on the Internet long before the American public knew what it was or what it did.

I'm talking about a guy who has owned every type of cell phone, Palm, PDA and Blackberry with every adaptor, charger, and wireless bluetooth available. And, you know it's a true obsession when you own gadgets before the rest of the world has had a chance to catch up. For example, you know those little webcams that you connect to your computer. Well we owned one of those about 7 years ago along with a microphone so we could "talk over the computer for free" and see our long distance family members. The only problem was that the people we were trying to talk to had to own a webcam and a microphone. At the time, the only person he could talk to was some guy from Brazil! It's amazing how most people own these products today, but we had them when no one else even knew they existed.

We also have enough cables and wires to open our own electronic store. We have every voltage of adpators, speakers, USB's, CAT5's, chargers, phone wires, hubs, routers, cases, etc. You name it, we've got it!

And the crazy part, this list does not include our laptops, desktop computers, televisions, TiVo/DVR's surround sound, voice over IP, wireless routers, remote controls, (even for the ceiling fan) Hi-Fi's, mp3 players, digital cameras, software and many others I can't think of right now. So honey, if you're reading this. I think I'm right...you do have an OCD with electronics and my picture posted above is to prove it.

Not too mention, I didn't EVEN attempt to bring out what is stored in the garage... :-)

Now bloggity friends, please make no mistake. I love my "teched-out" husband! I have more toys and gadgets than I ever wanted. I just get so amazed when I see all of our outdated collection of electronics. Which happens around here about every 6 months.

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17 February 2007
I guess I've done scarier things
Can I just tell y'all I agreed to buy a house today "sight unseen".

Yes ma'am. After months of house shopping I found one online that I really liked so hubby flew to Dallas this weekend to scope it out. The only thing I've seen is the pictures on the Internet.

Scary, I know!

Although, I have to give a big kudos to my hubby for deciding to take one of my close girlfriends by the house and have her describe IN DETAIL to me exactly what the house looked like over the phone. Interesting, daring but a whole lot of fun!

Needless to say, if everything goes as planned we should be back in Texas by the end of next month. And the best part... I agreed to drive back to Texas as a family instead of spending lots of money on airfare.

And, oh can I just say I cannot wait for the two day drive with: 'Type A' hubby, one talkative preschooler, one loud toddler, a 45 lb. hairy mut, and an anxious Jack Russell...

...oh the thrill of it all!!

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15 February 2007
Happy Heart Day!

A day late...

Well as you all know trying to close on a house takes more than an act of congress to get done, so we've been more than busy around the househould. But Sissy and I managed to make y'all some Valentine Sugar Cookie Lollipops!

And since we obviously cannot mail them to every single one of you we decided to give you a virtual bouquet.

We just wanted to say how much we love all of our bloggity friends!

T-Lo & Sissy

  posted at 7:30 PM  

12 February 2007
Howdy Y'all!
The good news has finally arrived...as of this weekend we received an offer on our house and can now move back to the Lone Star State!! Now I know you all were expecting to hear something like "we're expecting" but clearly this has been long anticipated for 11 months now. So yes, this is HUGE news!

And, everyone that knows me knows I've been doing the happy dance since Friday, when we got the call from our realtor.

I guess I can finally change my profile in my sidebar. Oh the excitement of it all, I just can't stand it! :-)

Watch out Texas, here we come! Of course, if you could continue to pray that all will go smooth until the closing that would be much appreciated.

Thanks everyone who has been praying for us!

Much Love,

  posted at 12:50 PM  

09 February 2007
Two posts in ONE week
Boy, it must be something good huh? Well it is, and I can't quite say yet what it is but BIG NEWS is coming to Bullfrogs and Butterflies very soon...so stay tuned. :-)

  posted at 7:33 PM  

06 February 2007
Can I just say OH. MY. GOSH! This past weekend I flew home to Ohio to be at my Grandma's 80th surprise birthday party. And boy was it a surprise! She cried, I cried it was all a tear-y filled event! I also brought a DVD I made to play at the party starting with her baby pictures through today. It went along with some great 50's tunes and she absolutely loved it.

Isn't she the most beautiful Grandma EVER? I think so!

Not only did I get to see all my family but we also played in some snow and froze in the -2 degree temperatures.

Sugar kept saying, "Mama, I c-ooooold!" While Daddy and Sissy enjoyed a Daddy-daughter bonding weekend in Disneyland.

It all went by SO fast but we had an awesome time. Below are some pictures of our COLD weekend and Grams blowing out her candles. :-)

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