26 February 2006
Ran the 5K...and not OK
The 5K Heart and Sole Run finally came Saturday. My girlfriend Lori and I showed up, picked up our packets, stopped by the lovely port-o-lets and headed to the lovely pink balloon arch. Patiently we waited for the bull-horn to sound and off we went. Adrenaline was running, conversation was going, then bam - I'm out of breath! Panting heavily I say, "Sorry Lori I have to slow down but you keep going", Lori: ok, bye see you at the finish line". Who was I kidding? I think my mind was still picturing me running 5K's back in the day before two kids and when I was exercising on a consistent basis. I thought the running I did here and there over the past months and working out at the YMCA (before the household came down with an epidemic) that I could manage running the whole thing.

Well, in case your wondering I did finish the race but painfully I might add. I crossed the finish line at 37:46. (I should be embarrased to post that time, but I'm being honest here) Even though, I ran most of the time I occassionally walked at times too. Boy, was this an eye opener of how 'out of shape' I truly am. Even though it felt great to finish I am truly waddling today. So, to help get over the soreness of it all I had a spa pedicure with a sea salt scrub - awwwwwww...when is the next 5K coming up?

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21 February 2006
Pinetop Weekend Getaway!

Despite all the hoop-la with our illnesses, this past weekend we were able to finally get away and visit some ole' friends who also moved from the Lone Star State to Arizona. However, they moved to the mountains in Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ. Just a few miles from Show Low. Anyhoo, we had a fabulous trip with wonderful weather. I never thought I would say this...but it was actually nice to get a break from the sunshine! The weather was in the low 50's in the daytime and it got down to the low 20's at night. We had a wood-burning fire going all weekend long. Our friends Kelly and Kari have a beautiful house in the mountains that back up to a forest with Ponderosa Pine Trees everywhere. Victoria had SO much fun playing with Hope and Blake that she screamed when it was time to leave. We also drove up to the top of White mountain to Greer Lodge and Resort and had lunch along the Little Colorado River. We actually saw REAL snow, ice, log cabins and folks fly fishing. It was absolutely beautiful! I can't believe there is such a place in AZ. It was so peaceful. Above is a snapshot of Hope and Victoria in Greer. Also, John will be posting more pics from the trip at www.locastrofamily.com soon.

Thanks Kelly and Kari - we had an awesome time and can't wait to come back!

  posted at 3:17 PM  

19 February 2006
The germ is gone...I hope

Well, if you read my friend's blog Addie who is a SAHM as well, it will sum up my past week. I think we have finally recovered from all the illnesses flying around the Locastro household after FIVE weeks of sickies. Yes, you read that correctly! The final straw was when Claire was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis AND a double ear infection. Nonetheless, we had to give her breathing treatments every four hours with a round of antibiotics that she finishes tomorrow! (Thank goodness.) I would never wish this illness upon any child or mother for that matter. Trying to get an baby to hold still for ten minutes with a mask over her nose and face and a loud machine humming next to her infected ear was an absolute nightmare! All I can say is thank you for Dora the Explorer which got us through most of the treatments. And, despite all the craziness we were able to have a fabulous weekend getaway which I'll post about later.

All I can say tonight is...Amen to a healthy family and a new week!

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10 February 2006
Curious George...two thumbs up!!
If your looking for a great, lovable movie to take your children to I highly recommend Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment's Curious George. What a wonderful fun-filled adventure of a monkey a man and their friendship.

Now, I must tell you a little history about my daughter Victoria. She is a VERY sensitive girl. She is the most compassionate three year old I ever met and she gets frightened very easily. For example, she knew and could say "fast-forward" by age 2 from passing up scenes that frightened her in movies, i.e. the lion fight in Lion King, the capture scene of Nemo in Finding Nemo, etc.

This past summer I made the big mistake by taking her to see her very first movie Chicken Little. I do not recommend this movie for any young children. It started off with a cute baseball game then moved to a horrifying alien invasion, with terrible lessons for any child to see or hear. Unfortunately, the movie ended with Victoria in my lap hiding her face saying, "I don't like that scary monster!" In hindsight, if I thought a movie about a cute little chicken was going to be scary - I would have never taken her to see it!

On a brighter note, Curious George starts off with an exciting trip to Africa (where George is discovered) then on to a wild adventure in the big city. The mischievious monkey does everything a child can relate to. Victoria was laughing the whole time! There were no scary aliens or evil ones, just lots of great family entertainment with wonderful lessons for any child to learn.

Sorry Disney...but your idea of having the main character's parent die/non-exist and generating an evil, scary character to spice up the plot is not my idea of entertainment for children.

So everyone go see Curious George - it's fantastic!

  posted at 11:55 PM  

06 February 2006
Enough of the sickies!
Enough already...hubby had the flu last week, I'm still recuperating from bronchitis and now Victoria is running sporadic fevers and Claire has congestion and a nasty cough. I thought this week would be a new week but unfortunately it's just more of the same from last week. Ugh! Calgon take me away!

  posted at 4:56 PM  

02 February 2006
Get in Shape Girl
Ever start a exercise routine to have it blown out of the water the next day. Well, lately I've been a slacker on the exercise. My eating is not out of control but it's not the greatest either. Last week I vowed to start my Power 90 again. I did my cardio and ab ripper, marked my calendar for the schedule and then bam...I get sick. How frustrating is that? I went to the doctor's on Monday to find out I have bronchitis and John (my hubby) has the flu. Not a good combination to have both parents sick with two little ones running around the house. Despite being ill I seemed to eat okay since I wasn't fixing anything big for dinner each night but I so wanted to exercise. It's seems everytime I start up I get distracted some how.

I'm usually very good about getting out and getting some exercise, whether it be running, Power 90, playing soccer, etc. Lately, I have failed at this miserably. I'm hoping and praying that next week I will be feeling better and can start again. Because right now I am feeling horrible about the way I look, my clothes don't fit, and I'm very tired. For those who know me, this is not my normal attitude. I'm just one of those gals that in order to feel good about myself I have to be active.

The bottom line is I need to get in shape girl and stop getting distracted from what's important. (Not to mention I have a 5K to run on February 25th!)

  posted at 12:17 AM  

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