29 June 2006
Thursday Thirteen
The following graphic courtesy Emily.

Thirteen Things that have changed since I had children!

1. My hair has been and stays in a pony tail more times then my childhood and teenage years combined.

2. I only replace my makeup once a year instead of every 3 - 6 months.

3. I only spend money on new clothes if it's a special event or outing.

4. The flap that hangs over my two c-section scars is forever my new limb.

5. My once fit frame and small feet will never be the same size again.

6. I watch more cartoons now then I ever did when I was a kid. Hence, we didn't have cable!

7. My hair has given itself a "free perm" that never grows out.

8. My spider viens have now turned to tarantula veins.

9. My boobs and buttocks will never see the face of gravity again.

10. The phrase '8 hours of sleep' is somehow not a true phrase anymore.

11. Going to the bathroom in private is forever over with.

12. Taking four minute showers is now the norm.

13. The once clean car days is now replaced with wipes, spilled juice, smashed goldfish, and toys!

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28 June 2006

Today's tip is brought to you by someone who is trying to sell a home and make a little money.

Family and happiness is WAY more important than ANY amount of money. And, although most people already know this, it's always good to remember it!

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26 June 2006
I'm a Sunflower
[I stole this idea from Stephanie over at For Better or For Worse.]

"When your friends think smile, they think of you. There is not a day that goes by that you can't find something good about the world and your fellow human.

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

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I need some technical support
UPDATED TO ADD: All the explanation marks are all gone. Not sure what did it but I'm sure blogger fixed itself!

Within Bloglines, I have my list blogs are cruise. However, recently bloglines has nine of my links showing a red explanation point in brackets at the end of the name. I believe I am not getting feed from these sites. Unless, summer has REALLY slowed down in the blogosphere.

When you click on the explanation point it says:

Bloglines has encountered an error trying to fetch the latest version of this feed. Bloglines handles errors automatically, no action is required by you. The error was:

The server hosting the feed returned a Forbidden message. If this error continues, you should check the feed URL and, if it is wrong, subscribe to the correct URL.

I have already deleted/unsubscribed to a site and then re-added it to my bloglines BUT, it's still there!

How do I get rid of these red things?? Anyone?? Bev or Barb this would be a great Techie Tuesday tip!!

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25 June 2006
My Mug Shot

Well, it's not my true 'mug shot' but this will have to do for now. My girl Stacy has tagged me for a fun meme about my favorite coffee mug I use in the mornings.

Well I have two favorites and they are pictured below. Coincedently, one is from my from my mother and the other from my MIL.

The blue & green one is from MIL and they are hand-painted. They don't match my kitchen or necessarily follow a theme I just thought they were adorable so, she bought them for me.

The other is a classic mug from Longaberger! My mom has a set in different colors and I use them the last time I was home and loved them. They are thick, heavy and keep your coffee warm for a long time. Mom got me a set of four for my birthday last year in these fun colors, cornflower, sage, butternut, and paprika.

So there are my mug shots, I'm going to tag Robin for a "Dr. Pepper" mug shot, and Wendy.

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24 June 2006
Born Again!
Susie rocks over at Bluebird Blogs...here is my new look and name! I hope ya'll enjoy it as much as I do.

Here is a little background on how and why I chose my name. When I was growing up I use to go to church EVERY Sunday. I would even get attendance certificates for my perfect Sunday School attendance. Many times my sisters and I would spend the night at my Aunt Linda's house and she would take us to church. See my Aunt Linda always wanted to have girls but instead she was blessed with two boys and her sister got three girls. So each Saturday night my aunt would have us spend the night. She would set our hair in pink sponge rollers (I'm showing my age now) and we would dance to the song "Bullfrogs & Butterflies" by Agapeland Music. Then, each morning she would do our hair, put on our Sunday church dresses with white socks trimmed in lace and our patent "tappy shoes". This would be the time that I remember, accepting Jesus Christ into my heart and becoming a born again christian.

Attending church while I was younger made a huge impact on my life going forward. Although I ignored it at times and I went off road for a while during high school and college thinking I didn't need him. Eventually, I moved to the "Bible Belt" and God started speaking to my heart again. He once again so gently reminded me that I needed him. He so forgiving that way.

Looking back now, those childhood memories of staying the night at my Aunt Linda's house and listening to Bullfrogs and Butterflies stays close to my heart. The song is a quick reminder of how much we need God in our lives.

Then I thought, what great daily reminder it would be to have what would be one of the most important childhood memories embedded on my blog.

So I bring you Bullfrogs & Butterflies!

1Now there was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a member of the Jewish ruling council. 2He came to Jesus at night and said, "Rabbi, we know you are a teacher who has come from God. For no one could perform the miraculous signs you are doing if God were not with him." 3In reply Jesus declared, "I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again." John 3:1-3

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A Surprise is Coming!
To my entire subscribers of 9! He, He! I know this thanks to Bev for her Techie Tuesday tips!

I've been working with Susie over at Bluebird Blogs to help me design a new skin and incorporate my new name! It's almost finished! So stay tuned for the new look...

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23 June 2006
23 Minutes in Hell
Not sure where my little brain has gone but I meant to post yesterday and well the day just got a way from me. But, here is what I spent Wednesday evening doing...

A friend of mine sent me a video link about this christian guy name Bill Wiese who claims one year ago while sleeping, "God took him to hell for 23 minutes". He explains his experience and in intimate details gives a description of what it felt like being in hell. Obviously, I don't believe everything I hear or see but this was a pretty powerful message.

I will tell you the video is about an hour long but if you get a spare moment I recommend you watch it. It's a very very powerful, biblical and thought provoking message in itself.

(* WARNING: The speaker is not great and the images at the beginning and end are not suitable for children. Also, it starts off a little slow but just give it about 10 mins.

When you get to the site, just scroll down until you see the video clip. (You don't have to download anything.)


Come back and post your thoughts in my comments. I'm curious to see what ya'll think!

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20 June 2006

It's summertime baby! Which means ice cream is a necessity in all households. However, weird enough I know there are a lot of people who do not like to scoop their own ice cream for many reasons. I myself will scoop anytime.

But most complaints are because the ice cream is TOO hard to scoop out (no matter what ice cream scooper you purchase.) So here is my solution and I did it tonight.

To get totally smooth freezing cold scoopable ice cream pop it in the microwave for about 15 - 20 seconds before scooping. Yep, throw the WHOLE carton in there! Try and see for yourself it WORKS FOR ME!

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Wow, after some thought I finally decided to do the celebrity face recognition that has been flying around the Internet. Thanks to Toni and Robin for getting me started.

The site is called MyHeritage Face Recognition and it scans a celebrity database trying to match your face with a celebrity (male or female). Based on my results I don't believe the database is too accurate! Although some of the names were a great ego booster others I had never heard of. I just uploaded the pic from my blog.

Now you can only read my results if you're going to take the challenge AND post your results...So, anyone visiting my site today consider yourself triple-dog dared and tagged!!

Here were my 'oh so giddy' results in order:

Drew Barrymore (Cool)
Carrie Underwood (Puuuuuleease!)
Samantha Fox (LOL)
Jada Pinkett Smith (LOL)
Adriana Lima (no clue)
Evangeline Lilly (from LOST, whatever!)
Jennifer Connelly (I'm feeling old)
Isabelle Adjani (no clue)
Tia Carerre (no clue)
Danny Minogue (no clue)

So there they are, I only WISH I looked like any of these people!! But, whatever the phony results are it sure was fun and I was glad no males came up in my list. :)

I added Victoria's pic first (I know I'm so mean) but the first pic that matched was a very young picture of Leonardo DiCaprio! But it's okay, it's not that Victoria looked like a little boy but he looked like a little girl! :)

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18 June 2006
Mom was right
When I told my mom I started sewing she said, "watch, you'll be making clothes for the kids next". I began to laugh hysterically and said, "yea right!"

Well let's fast forward approximately one year later. My first project was a curtain, then more curtains, then this one.

Then, I moved into a phase of making little blankies, jean purses and little tote bags. Eventually, the idea popped in my head (could have been the 110 degree heat) that I should make some sundresses for the girls to play in. (Notice I said 'play in ' not to wear to church) smile.

Yes mom, you were right!! Here I am now wanting to make clothes for the girls!

I decided to make one for Claire first since you know it would be smaller and maybe a little easier. I ended up using some extra Easter fabric that I had here at the house.


Here is a synopsis of how it went down:

1. Pattern was too hard to decipher so I made my own pattern!
2. I use one of Claire's sundresses to use as a pattern. (keyword here: Claire's)
3. I cut the fabric, put wrong sides together and start my stitching.
4. I turn the fabric inside out to do a seam check, oops...I have sewn the arms closed. Yes, I did!
5. I seam rip the stitching out and realize the neckline and arms are now fraying.
6. I go back to hem the neckline, shoulders, arms and bottom.
7. Turn back inside out to see if we can try it on Claire.

OOPS AGAIN! I can't get the dress over her head!! See, when I went back to fix/hem the fraying edges I lost some inches in the process!

So, back to the drawing board. How do I get more width in the neckline? And, here was my solution: seam rip the shoulders out and add some pretty purple ribbon that matched my fabric.

Now let's see if we can get it over Claire's head??

Below is the picture I took when it was finished...

Yeah, so much for making a dress for Claire!!!

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Disclaimer and a party

I know I haven't posted for a few days but let me just throw out a little disclaimer before I post for today. Hubby has officially started his new position at work which means he'll be on the road again travelling all week. Oh, it's deja Vu all over again. Hence, the reason we moved to Phoenix so he wouldn't have to travel. With that being said, we will back to our old routine. I take care of the kids by myself 24/7 all week long and then our weekends are devoted to family time. That is before he is back on the plane again to some lovely city.

Therefore, my blogging will most likely be scarce on the weekends due to aforementioned and possibly during the week from being "burned out".

So, off to Wal-Mart for cake ingredients and possibly some Spiderman serving ware. However, it seems as though Spiderman has become extinct and the new craze is SUPERMAN! But, as we continued to shop I found the PERFECT theme - Pirates of the Carribean!! Oh, yes by far one of hubby's favorite all time movies (I can't tell you how many times he's watched it) but the decision was made. P of the C it is! (Apparently, the second one comes out on July 7th, so I'm sure that's why they had it.)

Although, I wasn't very excited about making this cake. I wasn't thrilled about drawing a cake with pirate ships or skulls so I had to think of something else.

Nonetheless, it was a surprise for Daddy...so V. helped make the icing colors and then set the table with our new "themeware" while I finished decorating the cake. She made everyone juice in the cups with my recipe (3 parts water, 1 part juice.) Ugh, that was not fun to drink! Anyhoo, it was a total surprise and V. was estatic. Unfortunately, Claire was already in bed by this time.

We finished the cake in record time, however, it wasn't one of my better cakes I must say. I didn't have a lot of time and V. needed to go to bed.

BUT, the the best moment was when V. asked, "Daddy, is this the best birthday party you ever had?" It was priceless!

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15 June 2006
Thursday Thirteen
Today I'm suppose to make a crazy list of thirteen things about my crazy life. However, today I have decided to list thirteen things I am thankful for today.

Just because I need to.

(Thanks to my friend Mary for pointing this out to me.)

1. I'm thankful that Victoria got up this morning and got herself a coloring book and crayons and let me SLEEP IN until 7AM!

2. I'm thankful I got out of bed this morning and did not have any stomach or pelvic pain like I explained here.

3. I'm thankful that I got to talk on the phone to my friends today like Mary, Robin, and Lori. (I would give link love to all listed but the others do not blog.)

4. I'm thankful that both of my girls are healthy and not sick - not even runny noses which is a miracle in itself.

5. I'm thankful that the girls got to visit the local library and see Miss Spider and Clifford the Dog (I would post a pic but I'm too tired.)

6. I'm thankful neither of the girls cried for their daddy today and that we were busy enough to distract them for one more day until he arrives.

7. I'm thankful we got to get Cherry-Limeades at Sonic (the best drink ever by the way) during our 111 degree heat!

8. I'm thankful Victoria got to go to Ballet/Jazz class and learn more of her dance routine.

9. I'm thankful Claire made it through number 8 since it is during her naptime.

10. I'm thankful I remembered to tape the World Soccer Cup on my TiVo for some early morning TV watching. (Go U.S.!)

11. I'm thankful I got to catch up on all my blog-reading today.

12. I'm thankful Victoria fell asleep on my lap tonight at 5:30 since she missed her nap and has STAYED asleep. (It's 11:50)

13. I'm thankful I fixed something healthy to eat tonight - brown rice! I know... ya'll stop drooling!

The following graphic courtesy of Denise @ Mental Excrements

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13 June 2006

Well thanks to BooMama I now know how to get images off the web and into my blog!

It seems as though the ideas or tips that I think are lame actually do some good use for others. So here is another quick quirky tip.

My dad always taught me this...when you go to any of the fast food drive thru's ask for extra napkins! (If you don't already.) My dad always said to put the extras in the glove box of your car. I know this sounds way lame-o but trust me it is a life saver. How many times do you have a runny nose and have no kleenex? How many times do you spill something and have nothing to wipe it up? You can keep those wipes or kleenex box around but how many times are they dried up or can't find them while driving?

Bottom line, most of us can reach the glove box while driving or someone in the passenger seat can get it. My husband does this now, and I HATE it when I run out of my napkin stash!! It totally WORKS FOR ME!!

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12 June 2006
Happy Birthday!
I just wanted to send a shout out to my "Dear Husband" and wish him the happiest birthday ever. He's in Kansas City and Dallas this week so we are going to celebrate this weekend in conjunction with Father's Day when he returns.

If you're reading this Lovebug...Happy Birthday and we'll see you when you get back!

Love your girls!

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Lucky Star!
"You may be my lucky star...cuz you shine on me wherever you are...star light, star bright - oooh yeah!"

Go ahead, join in, you know the song! This is what I was singing Saturday night during the MADONNA - Confessions Tour concert at Glendale Arena!!

Yep, my girlfriend Lori so kindly invited ME to come with her to the concert. Her husband got a hold of two tickets from his work and we had $600.00 seats in the Swift suite. (Our seats were on the right-hand side of the arena so close we could see her ripped muscles and popping veins!)

Now, I have loved me some Madonna back in the 80's and even some new songs from her Bedtime Stories album back in 1994 but I was not familiar with the her new CD Confessions on a Dance Floor. But, hey I knew she would probably throw in some old stuff and I KNEW she would be an awesome entertainer. And that she was...

The gal is 47 years old, mother of two and looks like she just walked off the cover of Muscle and Fitness with a Cosmo twist! Although I have to be honest, I was very entertained and while at moments very turned off.

I have to say the backup dancers, multiple platform changes, jumbotrons, videos and sound were out of this world. I haven't been to a concert in so long (and I won't admit how long) but this concert was over the top.

Now some parts that I thought were less desirable:

She started the concert by appearing out of a Disco ball covered in $2 million dollars worth of Swavorski crystals (this was cool.) But, then her themes moved from exotic dancing equestrian style with a whip and backup dancers dressed in bridles and reins. Then, later being crucified on a slowly rising mirrored cross from the stage wearing a thorned crown. Her feet rested on a small platform and her, arms were stretched out like Jesus. (Not my favorite part probably my least fav nuff' said) Next, was a black feathered boa Madonna rocking out "heavy metal style" on a guitar. Finally, ending the two-hour show as a disco princess or should I say 'dancing queen'.

Another big turnoff was done by interjecting her political campaign 'stunts' throughout the concert. Video screens flashed images of world leaders such as Osama Bin Laden, Nixon, Saddam Hussein, and George W. Bush while flashes of the war in Iraq displayed...and in bold red letters below said "Don't Speak". She also plugged an Aids campaign and Hunger in Africa. Not that I don't support these political events/people but I just wasn't up for a History or lecture class. Secondly, her use of the f-bomb and middle finger was more than I wanted to absorb.

Overall, she sang brilliantly (especially live) and the music was pretty darn good. She looked amazing and so did her dancers. All I can say is that Madonna has it going on! If she can walk out in front of 13,000+ people in a leotard with 5 inch high heel boots at age 47 than hey...more power to her.

Here are a few pics from her concert, thanks to the Arizona Republic. (Since we the audience could not take in cameras.) Here is a link to see more photos from the concert here in Phoenix.

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11 June 2006
The results are in
Thanks everyone for your prayers. God was definitely listening! My CT Scan came back normal. I got an automated message on Saturday stating my doctor had a message waiting for me with a number to call and retrieve it. I was thinking that was a pretty cool setup.

Now I'm not sure how this is going to sound but I was a little disappointed about the news. Believe me when I say, I didn't want anything to be seriously be wrong but I am still having LOTS of pain and I was hoping to get an answer about what it is that is causing my pain and how we were going to fix it?

However, the doctor mentioned that they do want to run the tests again in two months. But, I'm not sure why since I didn't actually get to talk to them. With that being said, I'm calling the doctor tomorrow to get more details and see if there is anything else we can do.

Again, thanks to all you prayer warriors out there and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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09 June 2006
Introducing the O-R-E-O

First mistake, I sent DH to the store to buy me some "chocolate". He came home with a package of Keebler Fudge Graham cookies AND Oreo's. Wrong! So wrong! When I say chocolate I mean a bag of chocolate, candy bar, etc. Then I asked if he got double stuf (at least)? He walks away and says, "dang it". And, yes those were his exact words. Who in the world buys Oreo's and doesn't get DOUBLE STUF?

Now, the point to my story. I decided to keep the cookies and give them to the girls for a snack. However, neither of them have had these cookies before. After snacking some Oreo's for a while Victoria looks over at me holding an Oreo and says,

"Mom, I only like the butter on the inside and not the black stuff".

Crack me up! It just dawned on me that my girls have never been introduced to Oreo's before nonetheless, know what's really inside them!

Wait until Victoria gets a hold of a Double Stuf 'Butter' Oreo! :)

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08 June 2006
Thursday Thirteen (a little late!)

This morning started off like no other because I had an abdominal and pelvic CATScan scheduled at 8:45am.

Since I have never had one done before I wasn't sure what to expect. All I knew was that I had to fast (no food OR drink) starting at midnight last night AND that I had to drink some Barium Sulfate before I went to bed and this morning when I woke up...

Hence, Thirteen Things why I NEVER want to have a CATScan done ever again!

1. You cannot eat or drink not even water after midnight the night before. Yes, this meant no coffee in the morning - ugh!

2. The Barium Sulfate was the worst "Creamy Vanilla Smoothie" I ever had to drink. Nice advertising by the Rx company but it tasted NOTHING like it.

3. Waking up the morning of the appointment to drink yet another 450ml of liquid chalk!

4. Arriving at the appointment and being told, "oh, didn't I tell you yesterday you're not suppose to come back here for your appointment?" Me: "No!" Then me to self: "and you better not tell me I have to reschedule and drink the gallons of liquid chalk all over again!"

5. Stopping at new office in restroom to get sick for 15 minutes. And, I'm not talking about vomit.

6. Checking in at the front desk...
Receptionist: "How many Barium's have you drank so far?"
Me: (Proudly) "Two".
Receptionist: Oh, okay you have to drink ANOTHER ONE.
Me: (no words, well that can be typed here anyway)

7. Downing another 450ml of liquid chalk that Rx company has now claimed "Berry Smoothie". For the record, it was not anywhere close.

8. Laying down on the CATScan machine and having the radiologist tell you that you need to have an IV with Iodine for contrast.

9. Radiologist then continuing on to say, "Now I'm going to put a solution in the IV to make sure the IV is clear and working. You may feel a little funny and a bad taste in your mouth."

10. Just 20-30 seconds later 'feeling funny' and like I have to go to the bathroom. (See number #5).

11. Watching the machine go back and forth over your mid-section and having the machine tell you to breathe...hold your breath...breathe for longer than you want or can.

12. After the test, having the radiologist tell you, "drink lots of water so you can get all that iodine out of your kidneys".

13. Then, quickly exiting the CATScan room and running to the closest public restroom to once again relieve more Barium Sulfate.

AND my added one...

(14.) Waiting for the results?????

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07 June 2006

Sorry ya'll I haven't figured out how to copy an image from the web to my new MacBook yet. But, I'm sure ya'll know by know who started this wonderful idea by now!

Mine today is a MUST for you dishwasher users. It's the MUNCHKIN DELUXE DISHWASHER BASKET!

Now, if you don't have babies anymore don't worry it is still worth the five bucks!! If you have a little one it will store the bottle nipples (upright), and the basket can hold the bottle caps and covers. I use it for sippy cup lids, valves, measuring spoons, sippy straws (they now have a little holder on the outside for the straws), medicine droppers, medicine cups, my Wilton decorating tips and couplers, baby/toddler spoons, etc.

It's a must if you don't want to lose those small things in the dishwasher. I'm on my second one, of course because they came out with a deluxe! Such a sucker for advertising!

You can purchase them at Wal-Mart, Target and Babies-R-Us.

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06 June 2006
She's talking now
It seems as though Claire's vocabulary has been picking up quite rapidly these past two weeks. Recently, she is saying diaper, cookie, poopee, and today well it's Popsicle! Well of course she says these words with her own pronunciation but nonetheless she is attempting to say them.

Now for my confession...I guess (okay I HAVE) been blogging/spending too much time on the computer. Our mornings consist of breakfast, coffee, kids out in the pool and mama on her computer. This all happens before the clocks sing their Westminster Chime at a lovely 7:00 in the morning!

Once they start to get restless outside, (and I'm not through my bloglines yet) mama says, "want a popsicle?" Then, we have happy children and a happy mommy for at least the next 15 minutes. This morning was like no other except for the fact that baby Claire came in through the screen door saying "popiple"! My mouth dropped! Of course, one minute later and a quick video for Daddy (and ya'll) both girls have a "popiple" and outside again.

Now, before you start judging me about giving my kids popsicles before 9:00am I must say they have already been up for at least 4 hours and that constitutes "snack time" at 9:00. Also, I usually buy the sugar-fee kind (except these Otter things were on sale two for one) AND well it is already 100 degrees here in the desert at that time in the morning.

So there you have it. :)

Here is my sweet girl...trying to ask for a popsicle.

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05 June 2006
New toy, new feature
Well the babies are down napping and I'm trying desperately not to read TOO much on the Internet about my health issue - but it's so hard not to, ya know? Funny, how the Internet can be your best friend then instantaneously turn into the devil!

On a lighter side, I've been playing around on the new toy and found out I have a little tiny (I mean tiny) little square at the top of the screen that's a camera. Too cool! So me and the girl took our pic last night. Please remember this was taken at 9:00 at night with no makeup and the do from church this morning, allright?

Now the key is to see if I can upload it...BM, watch out you may be my new tech support!

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Living on a Prayer
I'm not going to give you tons of details without having all the information about further tests that will be going on this week.

So for now, this is the verse that will be repeatedly going on in my head this week:

"For I know I have plans for you,'declares the Lord', 'plans to prosper you not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'" Jeremiah 29:11

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04 June 2006
Apple, you've come a LONG way baby!

So did the Black Blob finally die do you ask? Nope! Did the Black Blob grow since last week? Yes. And DH took me to the store to get a new laptop! The only catch was that I had to get a MAC! Yes, you read that right. I have not used a MAC since the beginning of my college years. But of course I agreed.

So off we drove to Scottsdale to the only Apple store within a 50 mile radius. I walked up to the salesman and said I'm here to buy the new MacBook but please try to convince me why I should switch from a PC to a MAC? (Besides that the fact this was the only computer DH was going to buy.)

Now I have known for awhile that if you're dealing with pictures, videos, and images that Apple is the way to go. But I just didn't want to give in. Well after 30 minutes of talking to the salesman I was walking out with my new blogging tool!

I have to admit that my DH was right!! I absolutely LOVE my new MacBook! It's so light and the resolution on this screen is High Definition quality! I can't even hear the fan running like on my old one. Except for a few key changes and screen changes it's awesome. I have to say, Apple, you've come a long way baby since my college days. I am now in sync with my iPod, iTunes, iHome and all my other Apple toys.

Not too mention I had this baby set up by myself on the wireless network in 20 minutes!! Now, that's saying a lot ladies! Well I've got to run and go and learn some more about my new toy - new images and updates to come...

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03 June 2006
It's time to par-tee!! Thanks everyone for joining my prayer chain that I put up a few weeks ago on this post. But, I'm here today to say that God heard our prayers. Because MomRN2 over at My Quiet Corner daughter is coming home today from the hospital.

Thank you God for hearing and answering our prayers! If you would like to join the party, head on over to She Lives to send a welcome home or send an E-card to a well deserved family!

*Sorry this is SO late but I got a new computer this weekend and I'm just now figuring it out. I'll post about it later. I also couldn't figure out how to load an image yet so I had to do this for now.

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01 June 2006
Letter Meme
I know you've seen it, you've read em' now I got it...the letter "S" from Julie.
*Please note, these are not in any order of importance.

#1 - Sewing - it's my favorite hobby this day and age. Although, I'm a novice sewer I try to make everything. And, if I can't I make it up!
#2 - Scrapbooking - I really love doing this but much of it hasn't happened since I had another baby and moved. I would spend many a nights up till 3:00 in the morning doing this. My old neighbor and dear friend Mary can avow to this!
#3 - Sistors! I have two of them one older one younger and we all are 2 years or less apart and they are the dearest things to my heart! Even though they live in another state, we are very close at heart.
#4 - Starbucks or as we call it "Fivebucks" has got to be on the list, need I say more?
#5 - Spaghetti - I can make any variation of it and spaghetti/pasta is my all time favorite carb.
#6 - Speaking - Can't help it, I'm a social butterfly. It's hard to teach your lil' one not to talk to strangers when Mom does it all day! I love to talk, you can never get me to shut up and I have no fear of public speaking. I aced all my Public Speaking courses in college. I know, nerd!
#7 - Sweets - I have a sweet tooth 24/7. Especially for chocolate it's my all time weakness.
#8 - Salt - I put it on everything (except pizza). I eat sea salt, table salt, coarse salt, popcorn salt you name it!
#9 - Salvation - the most important step I ever made in my life, accepting Jesus Christ into my life.
#10 - Speed - I feel the need for speed (when I drive.) When I cook (hence, 30 Minute Meals.) When I clean. Everything has to be done in minimal time to save more time for other things. Crazy I know.

If you want me to assign you a letter just leave me a comment in my comments section.

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