22 July 2019

Victoria's seventh birthday

I know *gasp* a new post...LOL!

My first born has now turned seven! I can't believe I have a seven year-old. Here is a recap of what we did for the party. After much debate she chose to have a 60's Groovy Girl Peace Party. To keep with the Locastro family tradition we had her birthday at the house. In my opinion the best place to have them. The downstairs was decorated with beaded curtains, lava lamps, tie dye signs and disco balls. We had a mirror in the entry way with a mirror that read Happy Birthday Victoria with a cup of permanent markers. We had all the guests sign the mirror when they entered the door. I also hung up the candy boxes around the kitchen where Gum Balls, Sugar Babies and Bazooka gum filled candy jars along the kitchen counter. I googled 60's candy and this is what came up. It was very colorful and looked great with the decor. I also passed out florescent bracelets and glow-in-dark necklaces to each guest. In the living room I had two fuzzy pink rugs (from the girls playroom and bathroom) and the Twister game setup. I was so glad to know I could decorate the house for so cheap! :-)

Now for the fun part...the cake. I made a tie dye peace cake with homemade fondant that I tie dyed myself. I also tie dyed the cake batter so when you sliced the cake the pieces were multicolored. Victoria LOVED her cake and so did the guests. We bought tie dye peace plates, napkins and tie dye balloons from the Internet and served rainbow sherbert instead of ice cream. Sherbert is one of Victoria's favorite desserts so I decided to change it up since it fit the theme too. We had a retro pink vending machine for the root beers and other sodas.

For crafts we made tie dye t-shirts and pet rocks. I also bought some inexpensive wedding boxes for the girls to decorate. These were used as homes for the pet rocks. The girls really go into it and gave their pet rocks names. I think the biggest hit of all was the Smiley Face pinata we did in the living room hanging from the loft balcony. This was our first party to have a pinata and the kids went crazy!! It was very loud but a huge hit! I wrote the names of each girl on a ziploc baggie so when it was time to go home we didn't get them confused.

It was a spectacular party. I even participated by wearing a peace shirt, headband, flare blue jeans and flip flops. This will definitely go down as one to remember.

Below is a few snapshots during her seventh birthday party...

28 August 2011

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27 March 2011

Where does the time go?

Wow this site is STILL up...cracking me up! Thought I would check in and see where I left off. I can't believe it was almost two years ago. Facebook and Twitter have taken up my time but since I left Twitter over a year ago I thought I would check in. New post soon to come...got lots to chat and update on. LOTS...

29 July 2009

Summer Vacation

Well we finally made it to the beach this year.  The lucky winner was Destin, FL and may I say it was an awesome choice.  I have been to A LOT of beaches but I have to say Destin beach is by far the best yet!  We stayed two weeks and the girls had a blast.  We held and fed live alligators, we went crab hunting at night on the beach and found lots of crabs.  We are now the proud owners of a hermit crab as a result!  We also saw dolphins, went boogie boarding, built lots of sand castles, rode bumper cars, automatic boats and raced in some go-karts.  It was a memorable vacation with family and friends...I look forward to going back again real soon!  

We also drove up to Seaside, FL for a day...here are a few of my favorite pictures I took with my new camera from Australia.  It has been my favorite toy since I made the purchase!  :-)

11 April 2009

Easter 2009

My precious girls dressed for Easter services today.  I'm SO glad they still like to be dressed the same!  I know it won't last forever so I'm taking full advantage of it while I still can!! LOL!

30 March 2009

Jeepers! My baby turned 4!!

It's been Scooby Doo in our house since ClaireBear was about two years old. I tried it fight it as long as I could so finally we here are with a Scooby Doo birthday party! Here are a few pictures of Claire's birthday, I know some of you have seen them already on Facebook...but for you non-fb users here you go!

Claire's all time favorite character is Daphne on the cartoon so that is the birthday cake she asked for. Of course my girls get to pick the cake...so I did the best I could without a character Wilton pan!

This is the mystery machine I made as a prop for the party. This was the starting point for the mystery that was to be solved. If you look in the lower right-hand corner you can see one of the clues!

The first thing we did was dress each other up as mummies. Each kid had a partner and a roll of toilet paper to use!

Next was to solve the mystery. Claire's presents were dropped off in on the dining room table and I had the parents move them to the 'secret spot' while they were being mummies. Each child took a turn reading the Scooby Doo mystery clues.

They even had to go outside. One of the clues was hidden in someone's mailbox...this is a picture of the kiddos running after the other half of the kiddos who found the clue in the neighbors mailbox!

There were a total of nine clues scattered inside and outside the house. Each clue led to the next and they had to figure out what happen to the missing presents! They finally solved the mystery when they found Claire's presents inside the trunk of Daddy's car!!

We then opened presents, ate Daphne cake with Scooby and Shaggy's favorite ice cream and Phantom Punch.

One of her favorite presents was the Fancy Nancy Dress Up Trunk (she actually got two of them!) Here is one of my favorite pictures of her after her friends helped her dress up in the Fancy Nancy clothes.

And finally a picture of Scooby Doo and the gang!! (Thanks GT for being Scooby Doo!)

08 December 2008

I knew it was bound to happen...


NUFF SAID..........

scissors and a three year old, don't mix!!!!!!!!