29 December 2005
Seven Lists of Seven
Two blogs in one night...but this one I have been working on the side.

Seven things to do before I die:

1. Publish a children’s book
2. Visit Australia
3. Learn how to ski
4. Run a marathon
5. Bring someone to Christ
6. Meet Oprah Winfrey
7. Live in the UK

Seven things I cannot do:

1. Give up chocolate or carbs
2. Math, Algebra, Geometry, Calc, you name it
3. Play Volleyball
4. Read fiction books
5. Watch TV all day
6. Speak a foreign language fluently
7. Drive slow

Seven things that attract me to my spouse:

1. How he is the spiritual leader in our family
2. His love for the girls and me
3. His priorities are always: God, Family, Work
4. His generosity
5. His willingness to help me around the house
6. His drive to be a better person and husband
7. The sacrifices he makes for his family

Seven things I say most often:
1. “Victoria, settle down”
2. "I have to go to Wal-Mart for ________"
3. "You’re turn” (to John when it's his turn to go check on Claire in the middle of the night)
4. “We’re running late”
5. "Look at me” (when I’m talking to Victoria)
6. "Victoria/John... check on Claire"
7. "Where’s a bink?” (referring to Claire’s binky/pacifier)

Seven books (or series) I love:

1. Read my answer to - Seven things I cannot do: #4
2. Fatal Distractions by Ed Young
3. The Creative Marriage by Ed and Lisa Young
4. Growing Kids God’s Way by Gary & Anne Marie Ezzo
5. Any self-improvement magazines (Parent’s Magazine, Fitness, Runner’s World, Shape, etc.)
6. Currently reading, There’s a Perfect Little Angel in Every Child by Gigi Schweikert
7. Scrapbooking and Sewing magazines

Seven movies I would watch over and over again:

1. Sound of Music
2. Annie
3. The Usual Suspects
4. The Thomas Crown Affair
5. Notting Hill
6. The American President
7. Anything Shirley Temple

Seven people I want to join in, too:

1. John
2. Robin
3. Holly
4. Richelle
5. Tiffany
6. Brian
7. Y'all have been tagged! (I look forward to reading all your blogs!)

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I'm addicted to Rachel Ray...
I have joined in the media frenzy over Rachel Ray and I'm hopelessely addicted. For those who have not seen the news, talk shows, etc. lately...Rachel Ray has been a media craze due to her cooking show on the Food Network channel called 30 Minute Meals. I believe now she has up to four shows and several cooking books published. I started watching her in November and I'm so addicted. I anxiously look at any stores that sell books looking for her 30-Minute Meals cookbook, I TiVo her show everyday and just upped it to keep 10 shows at a time.

Tonight was my first night to actually prepare one of her meals. (Besides her five-minute fudge and hot chocolate for Christmas - but that doesn't count). I'm proud to say that I successfully made Crustless Chicken Pot Pie and Apple Pie without the Pie! Fairly easy dish to make but was looking for something healthy. I actually cooked with real white wine, a bay leaf and hold on to your chair - fresh ginger root! Wow, not that is some heavy cooking for me. I'm the typical "Betty Crocker" in a box kind of girl (unless I'm cooking pasta of course). But, I must say it was LOTS of fun and my hubby loved it. Tomorrow on the menu is Salmon burgers with Ceasar Slaw topping. I can't wait!

Thank you TiVo and thank Rachel Ray!! (My friend Robin would be so proud of me).

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28 December 2005
Jeweler in Uptown
This is a quick blog about our jeweler in Dallas, TX. His name is Matthew Trent. He makes the most amazing, unique, and beautiful jewelry. He specializes in platinum and 18 karat gold. Each piece is brilliantly handmade by him. He made John's and I wedding rings and a few years ago John had Matthew make me a pair of platinum earrings for my birthday. His unique taste leaves you with a piece of timeless jewelry that no other person will most likely own. How cool is that? I still have yet to see anyone with my wedding rings.

If you would like to see his work, you can visit his website at www.matthewtrent.com. The reason I am blogging about this is because first, I just recently checked out his site (as I periodically do) to see what new stuff he has added and there is some beautiful new pieces. Secondly, I wanted to share his work with all my family and friends. Enjoy!

  posted at 11:56 PM  

26 December 2005
Barbara Walters Special...
Heaven: Where is it? How do we get there? It's that time of year again where people comment, disagree/agree and asks questions about what the true meaning of Christmas is? This was especially addressed the other night during a Barbara Walters special. If you didn't catch it, she basically covered various religions across the world and asked numerous religion leaders, prison mates, etc. what they thought about Heaven. It was very interesting to see throughout the interviews that no matter what religion you were most people believed in some sort of Heaven. The common factor among all, was that Heaven will be peaceful place if you go there. The most disturbing part of the show was when BW interviewed atheists and their "special camps" for non-believers.

One final note, I am amazed when people are asked what the true meaning of Christmas is, the majority of the answers are "giving". Since when did the birth of Jesus Christ turn into a giving day?

For anyone who thinks the true meaning of Christmas is about giving, love, etc. , I have another thought for you...

The true meaning of Christmas is because of the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

  posted at 10:46 AM  

23 December 2005
A Family Tradition

Well it was that time of year again to take our annual Christmas vacation to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. This year was even more fun with Victoria being so into the "princesses" and me not being pregnant this time. Also, Grandma Twyla made the trip with us this year and we had a blast. Our favorite ride was Peter Pan's Flight and of course Small World.

Victoria's favorites were all the princesses and getting her picture taken with Minnie Mouse. We didn't leave the park without getting her a Minnie Mouse dress, shoes and ears. She looks absolutely adorable in it. Claire's favorites were holding on to the fences (that were just her height) at Mickey and Minnie's houses. Everytime we had to pick her up to move in line she started to scream! Her other favorite was getting into everything back at the hotel room.

Again, we ended the trip by driving to Hollywood, Beverly Hills and taking a stroll down Rodeo Dr. The girls had fun getting their picture taken with Santa one more time.

  posted at 2:54 PM  

13 December 2005
Fake Snow!
Okay, I know I am in the valley of sun and all but come on...I read in the West Valley Views newspaper that there is a real company that will come and dump snow all over your house and yard so you can have a "White Christmas!" How cheesy is that? Okay, maybe I'm being a little harsh being from the North and all... but I'd rather drive 100 miles north to Flagstaff and see the real stuff. :-)

  posted at 9:05 PM  

08 December 2005
Santa Claus at Arrowhead Mall

Tonight we waited one hour in line to see Santa Claus and it was worth it! The girls were such troopers!! I took this picture and I think it will be probably the first and last time I will ever get the both of them smiling and looking at the camera on Santa's lap. Victoria told Santa she wanted "Cinderalla Talking Kitchen and Dora Castle" while Claire tried to remove Santa's glasses from his face. It was soooo fun. I love Christmas time.

  posted at 11:41 PM  

07 December 2005
I'm Back...and so Blessed
Sorry, I haven't blogged in a while. But, here are my excuses! I've been sick and to the doctor twice now in two weeks and secondly, I have had company in from out of town - the wonderful "Gamma Twyla"!

For all of you who can't get along with your in-laws you may want to stop reading now. But, I have been SO blessed with the best mother-in-law EVER!! Not only is she so loving, caring and thoughtful but we get along perfectly. In short, I am never ready for her to go home and I never get sick of her. She is best mother-in-law who flys to see us on a regular basis.

Since I have been sick she has cleaned my house, taken care of my girls, fixed meals, the list goes on and on. Not to mention she wakes up every morning with Claire (9 mos.) at 5am sometimes 4am so that I can sleep in. Now, how cool is she?

Well, that's my thoughts for tonight...You're the best Twyla and I love you!
(I couldn't have hand-picked a better mother-in-law myself!)

  posted at 10:11 PM  

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