26 June 2007
Has it really been that long since I posted?? Okay, so maybe it has...Now I have this blank text box and not a thing is coming to me.

I could post pics about our roller skating party we attended on Saturday but then that would mean I would have to download the pictures off my camera...scratch that.

Oh I know, I could post pictures of my french toile duvet cover that is just about completed and the bunch of pillows I made for the daybed in the guest room...but that's just boring.

I could tell you about our wonderful Father's Day...when I mopped floors and scrubbed toilets to help make it a better Father's Day...but that's not good news.

I could post a picture of the last minute Spiderman cake I made for hubby's birthday last week...but it didn't turn out that good.

I could tell you the story how I paid the electrician a bunch of money to come out and push a silly reset button...but that would just embarrass me.

Oh...I could tell you the story about how a golf ball busted out our upstairs window...but we live across the street from the golf course... so I really don't know the story.

Well apparently, I have no good stories to tell...so for now go look at my friend's super cute new baby it's much more interesting than this old blawg!

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11 June 2007
Watchout Martha
Lately, I've been a bit of a Martha Stewart in action. Now for those of you that have known me for a loooong time probably never thought I would utter those words. As much as I hate to admit it, it's true.

Since moving in the new house I have smothered myself in house projects. I think I've got them going on in almost every room of the house. Hence, the reason the ole' blawg has been neglected. Below are some shots of Martha + Frugalness = Happy Mommy and Daddy. :-)

Here is a sneak peak of my sewing room/guest room. I'm currently making [read attempting] to make my own duvet cover and I made some pillows for the day bed. My choice of colors are aqua blue and chocolate brown. This happens to be one of my favorite rooms in the house and and I even had the painters paint it blue to match! I'll post a final picture when it's all done because it's going to take a while for this novice sewer to complete.

We have big peformers in the house and they will perform on anything with height. Needless to say, they were ruining the last wood step on the stairs and I was certain one of them was going to get hurt on the fireplace hearth...soooo mama made them their own stage. I just used some free wood (thanks previous homeowners) to make the platform and sewed purple sequin curtains with a matching drape on the front of the platform. Lastly, I glued some purple leapard print fabric on top.

This is Sissy performing with my Karoake machine I had from when I was in high school. It plays the radio and tape cassettes but it still works. Smile. (Now I'm showing my age...)

If you haven't noticed by now, I had the painters paint the playroom PURPLE! Oh yes, it is bright purple. Hey, their only kids once right? This is a picture of a ceiling fan that was left behind from the previous home owners (thanks again). It was antique gold and I spray painted it white and painted the fan blades in different colors. I actually searched for one like this on the Internet and couldn't find one so I made one myself and hung it up. *The colors are actually much brighter than what they turned in the picture.

Now this picture is not from my house, but this is a project I worked on as a birthday present for my girlfriends' daughters 4th birthday. She was changing the theme out in her room so I re-made this canopy over the slide on her bunk bed in the new color theme of hot pink, black and zebra print. She loved it!

These are the curtains I made for Sugar's room. You can't really see from the picture but they are light pink silk panels with tiny pink and green embroidered flowers on them.

And last but not least one of my personal favorites is the conversion of the ugly attic door in the playroom. I could not for the life of me think of what to do with this big white door in the middle of wall of the playroom. See, I can't put toys or furniture in front of it because then I wouldn't be able to get in and out of my attic. So a few weeks ago I was flipping through my BHG Organizing catalog and read about this cool product called Chalkboard Paint. That's when I had an AHA moment. I headed to Home Depot and bought myself a can of black chalkboard paint and went to town. Next, to hide the doorknob I wrapped a pink satin bow around the door handle. Then finally I decorated a little cardboard box with zebra fabric to hold the chalk and erasers. Wha-la! The girls absolutely LOVE it.

So if you're wondering what in the heck T-Lo has been up to, there you have it...I've been playing susie homemaker. I think Martha would be proud don't you? :-)

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07 June 2007
Thursday Thirteen

Graphic courtesy of Kelly @ Diary of the Nello

Thirteen Things I have realized about my age over the past week...

1. You know you're getting older when...You switch your subscription from Cosmopolitian magazine to Better Homes and Gardens. (I coincidently subscribed myself this week.)

2. You know you're getting older when...You show up at the swimming pool with a one piece swim suit and matching body cover...with kids in tow.

3. You know you're getting older when...You know all the words to every song on Noggin or Boomerang but can't name a single current pop song.

4. You know you're getting older when...Your kids and dogs are dressed and groomed better than you.

5. You know you're getting older when...You can watch the History Channel for long periods of time, without falling asleep or getting bored.

6. You know you're getting older when...You only weigh yourself when all your clothes off.

7. You know you're getting older when...You get eight hours of sleep and still need a afternoon nap.

8. You know you're getting older when...You consider a "late night out" is after 9:00pm.

9. You know you're getting older when...You catch yourself repeating phrases that your mom or dad used to say to you.

10. You know you're getting older when...You have to pause and think about how old you are.

11. You know you're getting older when...You finally say your age and realize later the you were wrong.

12. You know you're getting older when...You change from sugar-coated cereals to fiber-filled cereals. :-)

13. You know you're getting older when...You can't think of thirteen things that you just thought of earlier in the day.

  posted at 7:52 PM  

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