25 April 2007
Sweet & Sassy
UPDATED TO ADD: I just realized the best picture didn't post...the picture of the back of Sissy's hair and her trying to get Sugar to look down. :-)

We just found [thanks to a few friends] the girls a new place to get their haircut. Sweet & Sassy has got to be the cutest girly place ever, next to Libby Lu's of course. Well last night we had severe thunderstorms, hail and a few tornados in the area, so today we finally ventured out to get the "do" done today.

Sissy got the Cutie Cut and Sugar ended up getting her first haircut ever. See, originally I did not plan on having Sugar's hair cut because she really doesn't have any hair. But, the whole time Sissy was getting her Cutie Cut she was saying, "my turn, my turn". So before it was all said and done Sugar was finally in the diva seat getting her a new do. And, boy do I mean done. If only y'all could feel her hair...it is super. super. fine. baby. hair and somehow the hairdresser managed to style it with a flat iron! And, to top it off both girls got glitter spray.

Here are some of the diva moments we captured today...Sissy got a Stacked Bob and Sugar got layers. :-)

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20 April 2007
For Heather
If you haven't heard already what's going on in the blogosphere than go here. Every time I read an update on Heather I say to myself, "really, how much can one person take?"

Then I went to her blog via another because I truly did not believe what I was reading. You can get a tidbit of it by reading this...

All I keep thinking of is Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Please, if you want to help go on over to Boomama's blog and help a friend out. You can go here to get the details.

We're praying for you Heather!

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17 April 2007
At the Dump
There's something to say about a place that proactively builds with kids in mind, like The DUMP. For those of you who are not familiar, The DUMP is an awesome new furniture store that opened up here in Dallas right after we arrived. I can honestly say that it has become our second home since we moved back. Since almost doubling the size of our house we had seven years ago, we have been long overdue for some new furniture. So this where we have been...

Not only are the prices, quality and customer service great, they have a little section devoted for the kiddos to hang out in big leather chairs and watch cartoons on the tube. It's also conveniently located in front of the drinking fountains and restrooms. Below are some pictures (mainly for the family of course) of the girls in our new favorite furniture store.

Here is a shot of them sharing a chair and Sugar is trying to say "cheese". But sometimes that little tongue gets in the way. ;-)

This is a shot of Sugar copying her sister's moves when we get upset. Sissy didn't want to share the chair anymore! *BTW - The wet spot between the legs is a spilled drink from the car. :-)
And, finally this is Sissy wanting her picture taken in front of the fireplace. Because of course she needed some attention too!***Updated: That Little Blessings video below has been fixed if you missed it!

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13 April 2007
Little Blessings
If you have read my blog for any length of time you will know that Sugar does EVERYTHING that her big Sissy does. Sometimes this is bad but this week it has been literally a blessing. Sugar started this week copying her Sissy's prayers at meal time. Today I decided to catch it on camera because well...it.was. just. so. darn. cute!

You can tell by watching the video she was a little distracted with the camera on her and the fact that Sissy was trying to remind her to say "Daddy". And right before she starts, Sugar shouts that she is going to say the prayer. This is only because this is exactly what Sissy announces when she doesn't want mama to say the prayer. Go figure.

For those of you who have trouble understanding a two-years old speech, I have translated it for you ahead of time. :-)

Thank you for a great day
and Smokey and Daisy and (herself) and Sissy
and Mommy and and um Sissy

  posted at 8:08 PM  

09 April 2007
My Little Pony LIVE, Easter and lots of Good Times
I know this is not the best title for a post, but you know what? We have been soooo busy I can't get it all done in time for the blog. Behind many cardboard boxes, dirty dishes and bare walls we've been one busy family.

Friday night I went scrapping for my first time in TWO years. Yes, two years y'all. Surprisingly, I found my Crop-n-Style bag and one tote of scrapworthy tools. I even got two whole pages done and was in bed by 2:00am.

Saturday was the big show day. We took the girls to see the My Little Pony LIVE show. They absolutely had a ball and so did I! Sorry Nick Jr. fans, but this show was WAY better than the Dora Live show.

Easter Sunday we were invited to a friends family luncheon and egg hunt. And let me tell you folks, these people know how to put on an egg hunt. Their parents' backyard was huge and looked like something out of a Home and Garden magazine. The pictures below are exactly what you see when you walk out their back door.

I believe they hid around 300 eggs filled with candy and money. The girls had so much fun and we're finding more eggs than their baskets could hold! Below is a picture of the kids in a funky tree hanging out back.
What you can't see from the picture was that it was about 50 degrees on Easter and the day before we actually had snow flurries! Yes, as our pastor said, "we might have a white Easter"!

The best part was coming home late Sunday afternoon having the entire family take a long nap!

I love this time of year...

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04 April 2007
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

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