29 July 2006
Sweet Home Arizona
UPDATED: My house may seem a little on the boring side because we just moved in three months ago and we are selling it. So, I have not painted, hung all my pictures, or done window treatments...just an FYI.

Better late than never right? Well, wasn't sure if I would get to partcipate or not but here I am at 12:30 at night, ill, tired, blogging and snapping pictures of my house for BooMama's genius Tour of Homes idea.

So, grab some tea, a nightcap or whichever you prefer and take a look around...

Enter here...My front door The living room...

My kitchen... (my favorite place because that's where the food is of course!)

The kid's playroom... we did have real cute bug curtains hanging but they fell down a couple of weeks ago, rod and all. :(
Finally, where all the blogging action takes place...my office is really upstairs but I'm never in there so wha-la, the kitchen it is!This one I threw in for fun because my dining room table is my favorite piece of furniture in the house. And home isn't home until my cross wall is hung behind it. I hoped you enjoyed my home now I'm going to bed...good night!

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27 July 2006
Monsoon Season, is it really here?
I can't believe it! After living in the desert for over a year now I still have not seen rain. True rain...not sprinkles. Arizona is known for Monsoon season but I've been asking lately, "how can you call it monsoon season if it doesn't rain?" Well guess what? Last night, the west valley FINALLY got some REAL rain! Oh yes we did. With thunder, lightning, down pours, flooding, 60-mile an hour damaging winds - the whole nine yards! Needless to say, I was on cloud nine!

Even though the the backyard and street flooded AND my trash can blew down the street, AND my water jugs setting outside to be picked up disappeared AND my For Sale sign got shredded - it was a spectacular night!!

I tried to take pictures, but of course they didn't turn out. I must say it was a beautiful site to see. I'm hoping we will see some more in the future but for now, tonight, it's back to normal hot and dry...

...all things considered, I'm SO glad to see that monsoon season really means LOTS of rain!

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25 July 2006
Catching up

I know I haven't posted in like FOREVER! But, after a long seven days of being gone without the family I have spent the last few days catching up and visiting with my MIL who is still in town. My trip was way beyond my expectations...and the girls I met we're no mistake - AWESOME christian women!! I learned a whole bunch from them and we are all very excited about when we will meet up again. (maybe Dallas if I move back in time!)

The food at the Lady & Sons restaurant was incredible...my favorites included the cheese and garlic biscuits, fried green tomatoes, the zucchini and squash, mashed potatoes, and of course the ooey gooey butter cake! Oh and the hoe cake, yes, you read that right was great with some real sweet tea. Hence, the T-Shirt I bought says "Our Hoes are Complimentary!" And, yes I did buy it and I did wear it. :-)

Now, I would love to post something special and sweet about each of my new friends I made but decided I'm going to keep the thoughts and memories close to my heart instead. It was a trip I'll never forget...

So unto new news, house hunting in Dallas was successful. Found lots of options if they are still on the market when we sell ours. I got to see my old buddies from Oakmont Estates (my old neighborhood.) We had a wonderful time catching up and visting with their kiddos. I would love to post a picture but goofy me forgot to take one. I think I was still caught up in the moment.

I cried when I left my girls at the airport, I cried when I talked to them from the Paula Deen Tour in GA and I cried when they ran up and hugged me at the airport upon returning. Hubby was a doll and greeted me with my favorite Starbucks drink and planned a special dinner out of course lots of hugs and kisses too!

All in all, it was a great break from the AZ desert heat but was SO glad to see the hubby and my girls!!

Thanks SO much for MIL for watching my little darlings so I could go - she is the BEST!!

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20 July 2006
God answers prayers...
Well, I'm not technically back from my little vacation but here is a quick summary of what prayers God has answered for me the last five days...

* Safe travel
* More godly friends (He went over-the-top on this one!)
* Rain, thunderstorms, greenery, trees, flowers, etc. (in abundance)
* A little R & R
* Finding a new home

...and me being content with leaving my hubby and children behind. Now, I struggled with this one at the airport but it's slowly getting better. :-)

I will post more later about my trip when I get back to Phoenix.


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16 July 2006
On a secret mission
I am on a trip for a few days and will have lots of to blog when I return. Let me just start it off by saying we were on a 8 hour drive to a particular destination. And, now the fun begins...I'll be back!

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12 July 2006

Here is my solution to storing the smelly dog food! I don't like to store it in my pantry quite frankly, I can't stand the smell of it when I open the door. So I bought this nifty trash can that didn't hold trash bags very well so I decided to use the can to store the dog food.

I keep it stored in my garage next to the bathroom where we keep the dog dishes. And, if you have more than one dog like we have we are usually buying those 30-40 lb. bags. And, as you know they don't seal up very nicely. I also keep a plastic cup (not pictured) in the can too to scoop out the food.

So what are the benefits you ask?

1. When we buy the food it's dumped in all at once.
2. No more lugging around heavy dog food bags
3. It keeps the food fresher
4. The lid helps keep the bugs out and the smell away
5. You can keep track easier of how much food you have left
6. The little plastic cup encourages littles one to feed the dogs

It works-for-me! (My stash is getting a little low as you can see!) Drop by Shannon's at Rocks in my Dryer for more good ideas!

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10 July 2006
The Red, White and Blue
The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I am a patriotic person and I love anything red, white and blue! We even did Victoria's nursery in this theme. With our first, we didn't want to know the sex of the baby so this theme was perfect.

So, onto the big night. We did Victoria's hair in red, white and blue ponies and Claire was styling in her Texas-style onsie dress. We also made sugar cut-out cookies of flags and stars to eat during the firework show and iced them in fun colors.

I know I'm a little late getting these posted...but here are some pics from the big day. Also, Victoria and I won the Mother-Daughter sack race and we each got a blue ribbon. We also had a newspaper reporter take our picture and then come over and get our names just in case they put us in the paper! We had tons of fun!

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08 July 2006
What in the world????

UPDATED: Our "friends" came back tonight plus we had the pleasure of watching a Black Widow attack one of them...I was able to get a little closer this time! And, we learned they fly!

Here is what was kindly sitting on my house when John back in town Thursday night!! This is what I think you call a Ground Beetle! UGH! It had to be at least 4 - 5 inches long! No joke! Now, I know it does not look that long but it was about 15 feet up and next to the front door jam and light so we couldn't get a great picture. I screamed and freaked out so much that I scared V. half to death and then she wouldn't got to bed.

John went out the back door to go around to the front of the house to see it and there was ANOTHER BIG BLACK CREATURE on the back patio. I think it was Mama beetles' baby from the front of the house. I had the jeebies for the rest of the night!

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Tonight I set up a Date Night with sweet hubs and Johnny Depp! Oh and me too...

Since DH 'wants to be' or 'wishes he could be' Johnny Depp - it was only appropriate that I arrange for him to be there opening night for Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest!

Thanks to our friends who offered to watch the little ones so hubby and I could enjoy this moment of indulgence with a little Johnny Depp-ness. The movie definitely lived up to its hype and DH was thrilled. But I must say Johnny Depp AND Orlando Bloom were off the wall hilarious and adorable!

Of course, I couldn't finish the post without giving props to my lovely British actress Keira Knightley (you know how I'm a sucker for those Brits!) She was wittingly charming and beautiful! And, I'm SO jealous she got to "lay one on" Johnny Depp. As she said in an interview earlier this week...the chance to kiss Johnny Depp (again) is why she agreed to do the sequel!

As DH always says, "if I were a girl I would be into Johnny Depp!"
* BTW - I did get DH blessing to repeat that in my blog. See how much he loves ya'll?

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06 July 2006
Just wanted to do a quick post before I forgot...if you're not watching you gotta start TiVoing, DVRing whatever this show... it's great! It's just the rock version of American Idol with the sexy host Dave Navarro!

My top two favorites from last night:


Now stop reading and go tape it!!

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05 July 2006
Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I like about me (wow that was tough to type!)

I'm trying to take a lesson or two from Robin, Addie, and Sarah and do this TT that I have been putting off. Quite frankly, "me" is not my favorite topic but we'll give er' a try.

1. I like that I'm a cheerful person the majority of the time. It really takes A LOT to get me upset or mad and I like that.

2. I like that I'm a sociable person. I love to be around people. Okay, I have to be around others and my theory is the more the merrier!

3. I like that I have blue eyes. I love blue eyes - my dad's are gorgeous and I'm glad my girls both got them.

4. I like my freckles. (Just like Addie.) I think they make a person unique and they give me a little color in the winter time. :)

5. I like that I can enjoy any kind of music. This makes it very easy to relate to people at any age and when you're a sociable person that's a good thing.

6. I like that I can talk to any stranger and make friends. God must have wired me this way because I would have two less friends here in AZ if that were the case.

7. I like that I have a personality that can adapt to change well. With all the places I traveled, jobs I've changed, places I lived, this is a super cool thing.

8. I like that no matter what age I am I still think exercise and health is important. Since I can remember, I have always been active in something (soccer, golf, running, etc). Now, I'm not saying that I think being super thin is important because I'll tell you now I'm not super thin. I'm just glad I subconsciously know how important exercise truly is.

9. I like that I am not a picky eater. I like almost all foods which makes it very easy to wine and dine anywhere.

10. I like that I have the gift of patience. I am an extremely patient person and this comes in very handy with two little tots running around all day.

11. I like that I am very independent. I love my spouse with all my heart but, since he has to travel to support this little family of ours I'm thankful to the great God above that I am strong enough to handle the household, the girls, and the dogs by myself.

12. Gosh, I can't believe this is not over yet. *breathe* I like that I am a risk taker. There would be a lot of things I would have missed out on in life if this were not the case.

13. Finally, I'm so glad this TT is over with. I like the fact that I finally took the time to do it and I won't have to do it again.

Added: The following graphic courtesy of Mandy.

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The Devil Wears Prada
Calling all chicks! I saw a great movie Saturday night with my friend Julie. The Devil Wears Prada was downright hilarious! Meryl Streep or should I say Miranda Priestly was unbelievable! Now, I haven't seen many movies with her in them but she was fantastic. And, of course, Ann Hathaway was a doll. If you're into fashion AT ALL this is a must see. Even if you're not it's still a MUST SEE!

One of my favorite actresses in the movie was Emily Blunt. I guess you could call her the 'underdog'. She plays Meryl Streeps' first assistant and she is hilarious. She hasn't got much publicity for the role but I'm a sucker for any British actor/actress. Their comedy is like no other.

So if you get a chance, it's worth the high-dollar cost of the movies these days! Don't wait to rent this one! ;)

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Did you know July is National Blueberry month? Yep, my favorite fruit to eat in everything!!

So, here is a recipe I saw on GMA today. I'm not sure how this will taste, but being the blueberry lover I am, I'm going to try it.

Blueberry Soup
(I know, I know!) They didn't give measurements but I'm sure it was equal parts.

1 cup of Blueberries

1 cup of yogurt

1 cup of chicken stock

sprinkle w/ chives

Let me know if you try it! Enjoy!

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03 July 2006
More Potty talk
Seems to be a hot topic these days...I wasn't going to post about this but since it's a hot topic right now, I'll share my little story. Well my little princess has been telling me after she squats that she's 'poopy' then will run to the diaper changing area, grab her a diaper and changing cloth. Oh, only if she could finish it, right?

Well, it wasn't until Thursday that she looked at me and said 'poopy' then squatted. I said, "well go on the potty" and little miss thang ran to the bathroom and proceeded to lift up her shirt!

I was a little amazed but followed along. I mean what can it hurt right? She obviously understands the concept. So I got out her big sister's portable potty and plopped her on the seat. Of course she was more interested in checking out the big, blue, yellow, new seat with the fun lid that goes up and down.

I knew she had to go so I let her run around the house for a few minutes and she started to squat again. I quickly lifted her up and carried her to the potty. Whala! The little girl pooed in the potty! I couldn't believe it. There was nothing else to say but a "popicle" was in order!!

Of course I did all the work and considered it a fluke.

But hold on, Claire woke up from nap and again said poopy and proceeded to squat. I told her "let's go to the potty". And once again, she was more interested in playing with the seat. So I let her play for a minute until she started to squat next to the seat. So, I picked her up and set her on the big potty with the little Dora seat on. Claire sits for a moment and then jumps off the seat and proceeds to run to the freezer screaming "poppy, poppy!" I on the other hand, was cleaning up the bathroom when I noticed it! The poo was being camouflaged by the Dora seat. In fact, she DID go potty it just didn't make it in the water. :-)

Of course a 'poppy' was indeed rewarded!

Fast forward the next day...the whole family has the stomach bug! Girls got it in the pants and mom and dad got in the mouth. Claire is still saying poopy when it's time to go but we are no way going to attempt to make it in the potty this time. Especially with Mommy's weak tummy right now.

So for now, we are thanking the good heavens that diapers are back!

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Sadly, this coming 9-11 will mark the 5th anniversary of when America was rocked. Maybe someday I will share with you my scare/story and why it holds such an important place in my heart. But to help those that were not as fortunate as me please read the following...

There is a wonderful man by the name of D.C. Roe is organizing an online blogging memorial for each of the 2,996 victims on September 11, 2006. Here is his goal:

On September 11, 2006, the 5th anniversary of the attacks, 2,996 bloggers will each post a memorial to one victim. We will remember the innocent victims of that day–we will not remember the murderers.

If you want to participate all you have to do is leave a commenet at DC's blog, or by e-mailing him at dcroe05@yahoo.com . DC will assign you a victim to memorialize on 9-11-06 and he'll give you a link with information about that person.

I've already got my person assigned now go get yours...

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7 Lists of Stuff
I was tagged by Brenda for this meme. Now I did this once before but I think it was a little different so here goes...


* I grew up in a small town in Ohio called Cuyahoga Falls.
* I've had several bad things happen to me so far in life including, being 'exposed to' in middle school, robbed at gunpoint, jumped by two males (me & my friends) in college, car broken into -laptop stolen, and a stalking, psycho ex-boyfriend.
* My first job was at age 15 at a pizza shop. I remember delivering a pizza on a dark, rainy night on Bath Rd. I looked for the house for over an hour and couldn't find it. Two weeks later Jeffrey Dahmer was caught! Remember he lived on Bath Rd?
* I grew up sharing one large room with my two sisters. If I could go back I wouldn't change a thing.
* I have a 4 year college degree that took me 12 years to get.
* I used to travel as a software consultant for a large company and never dreamed I would be a SAHM.
* After doing the above mentioned, I might homeschool my children.


* Everything mentioned in #2 above.
* My children not holding onto their christian roots as they grow older.
* My laptop crashing & not having the ability to blog, surf the Internet, shop, etc.
* One of my children being harmed.
* Perverted men.
* Watching "To Catch a Predator" on Dateline.
* Being diagnosed with a long-term illness.


* I Can Only Imagine - Mercy Me
* You Had Me - Joss Stone
* Held - Natalie Grant
* Something Like That - Tim McGraw
* Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani
* Warrior is a Child - Twila Parie
* Bang - Gorky Park


* Thunderstorms
* Pasta
* Music - everything
* Bottled water
* Pedicures
* Bags/Luggage
* TiVo


* Stop picking up your sister...
* I need some Mommy time
* It's almost nappy time (Claire still naps twice a day and Victoria still naps!)
* Where are you going this week? (To hubby)
* No, it's too HOT
* You're my best girls!
* Smokey! Daisy! (the dogs)

7 Things You'll Probably Never Here Me Say... (thanks to Addie for this addition)

* I love being pregnant
* I miss the snow
* Let's make BLT's
* We need more pets
* That's too far...
* I'm in the best shape ever
* I don't need another bag

Now, I won't tag anyone since this has been flying around for awhile and I'm late at doing. I was sick it this weekend so sorry Brenda.

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01 July 2006
A little ranting here
Ya'll I totally work hard on not judging other moms but here are two recent incidents I observed that just burned me up....

First of all, I was at Wal-Mart shopping (of course where else, right?) and a mother with a little one about 6 or 7 months old. There was one other couple in front of me checking out. In the middle of her transaction the baby boy starts wailing. And, I mean screaming. The mom does nothing except push the cart back and forth. Now, I know we ALL have been in the scenario at least once in our lives. But, the baby just keeps on. It was SO bad that the cashier offers the mom a pen with a fancy feather toy on top to see if she can interest the screaming infant. The pen actually worked for about a minute then he starts wailing again.

It was obvious this little boy was h.u.n.g.r.y!

Then further delays happen because the cashier cannot figure out how to cash in her check coupons. The lady directily in front of me said to her husband, "I'm going outside for a smoke!" Obviously, the baby's screaming was wearing on everyone in line, including the cashier. It would of taken the mom two seconds to take the baby out of the carrier and hold him for a minute OR give the baby a bottle OR a new toy, etc. Okay, maybe she was breastfeeding but still she could of held the poor guy!

But, no she continued to do nothing and let him scream his daylights out!

After she was done being checked out, the cashier started to ring up the gentlemen in front of me. I think most of us were relieved that she now could go home and feed that little baby.

BUT, to our surprise, we all could STILL hear that baby boy crying from a short distance. We all we're looking around and could not figure out why she was STILL in the store with her baby so upset. Only to see that she got into another check out line to purchase some CIGARETTES! UGH! I mean come on...

The other incident was a women and her little boy (maybe 12 mos.) at the same lovely Wal-Mart but in the McDonald's. Her little boy was wearing one of those helmets to help shape a baby's head. Now I use to babysit a little girl with one that was pink. To help dress it up some, her Mom would get little stickers and put her name and some girly flowers of sort on it. Well this little mom did that same thing to her little boys black helmet. Except in this case the stickers were skulls, motorcycles, I guess demons, and whatever else those pictures were. But the most disturbing part was the letter stickers she put on directly above his forehead. I looked over to read it and it said...

"What the f----ing are you looking at? YES IT DID!! On a baby?? I mean come on!

What are these women thinking??

Sorry for ranting today, but sometimes...

I just pray that God will help these mommies to make better decisions about their little ones next time.

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