28 April 2008
Lifesong message
It's only 5 minutes and 33 seconds and it could change your life...

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25 April 2008
Kids say the sweetest things
This isn't the first time I have had major surgery, been stuck up in bed for weeks and can't do a whole lot of anything. Sissy has been a complete sweetheart. She has made me lots of cards and asks everyday when she gets home from school, "Mama are you feeling better?", Can I get you anything?" She is the most empathetic five year old I know. But this is the first time Sugar has been old enough to try and understand what is going on with mama. She knows I have stitches and they are on my tummy, but she still doesn't understand that I can't pick her up, climb the stairs to her room or the playroom or fix her meals.

Each day she asks me to do something that is not under the doctors orders. Like the other day she was sitting on my bed and she wanted to put on her ballerina dress. The problem is that all her ballerina dresses are upstairs in her bedroom. Once again I kindly told her, "remember the doctor says I can't go up the stairs". In her sweet little voice she said, "mama I'll hold your hand". My heart was melting when I had to tell her, "thank you sweetie but I still can't go".

Then she replied, "can you crawl?" :-)

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22 April 2008
It's time for a new skin baby
Well it's that time to change the look of this ole' blog that for some reason is still hanging around. I guess will be around even longer since I have Susie over at Bluebird Blogs cooking me up a new look. I know it's going to blow y'all away because Susie is that good and it's going to be a completely new look!

Stay tuned for the soon-to-be Blog Makeover!

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19 April 2008
On the road to recovery
Thanks to everyone for all the prayers, calls, emails, flowers, etc! This time round God showed up in a big way and my surgery went flawless. No cancer, out in three days and home resting now. Even though recovery is going to be a slow process, I'm so glad to be in and out of the hospital so quickly. I have lots of help at home and the girls are being big helpers. Sissy is making me lots of pictures and getting me 'a drink of water'. Sugar is busy kissing my 'ditches' (stitches) to make them all better. :-) I've also got season one of 24 on DVD this time to help the time go by. Thanks to my dear friend Natalie. Finally, my wonderful hubby stepped in and bought his sick whiny wife a new 37" HD LCD screen to curl up in the bed with along with a DVD player. I just can't complain about anything. My family is fabulous!

For right now it's lots of pain meds and lots of sleeping. I hope to stay awake a little more by next week and use the DVD player a little more. :-)

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16 April 2008
Going under the knife...
again. It's 4:30am and I'm getting ready to head to the hospital for a long overdue surgery. I should be in the hospital for three days and then come home for a long recovery. Please pray that the doctors know what they are doing this time and I will get to come home when they say. Unlike last time...

Until next week...ciao!

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08 April 2008
Sassy Katz
My just turned three-year old was invited this past weekend to a chauffeured birthday party to get hair, makeup and nails done at a little girls spa and boutique called Sassy Katz. It was actually Sugar's friend and her older sister who was turning five celebrating their birthdays together.

I was very hesitant to let Sugar attend it all seemed a little over the top to me...but after much thought and a little rearranging of the plans I let Sugar attend.
Because really, what little girl doesn't love to dress up like a princess and wear makeup?

And, I'm not going to get jealous just because the first time I rode in a limo was on my 21st birthday and my first real spa experience was a few days before my wedding...I'm just saying, I'm not getting jealous. :)

So I called the mom to RSVP and kindly let her know that Sugar (my 3 year old!) would not be dropped off at her house, to ride in a limo, with a bunch of strangers, for 30 minutes to the boutique.

We agreed that I would drive Sugar to the boutique and participate in the girly things that were about to take place over the next two hours. Since we were the first ones to arrive at the party, Sugar got to see the limo pull up and all the girls come out.
The next two hours were a little girls heaven...Sugar kept saying, "Mama, I want mine painted pink!" So that is what she got...pink fingernails, a fancy hairdo (I'll still never know how they got it pulled up) and a fancy dress. There was lots of stage posing, dancing, and singing. Bottom line, the girls had a blast.

After they each made there own glitter soap it was time to leave. I decided since I got to know the parents, grandparents and other girls that Sugar could ride home in the limo if she wanted to. I didn't even get the question out before Sugar said, "Mama, come on it's time to go in the limo!"

With me in complete shock, Sugar loaded up in the limo without hesitation with the rest of the girls. So I jumped in my car and followed the limo all the way back to the party. Meanwhile thinking what have I started? I think I just lost my little girl. Second guessing myself that maybe it was the wrong decision...

After I met them back at the house, I grabbed my dolled up little girl and carried her back to the car to buckle her up in her car seat.

Then not a second later she said, "Mama, I want my binky, blankie and sippy".

YES I thought...I haven't lost her yet.

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02 April 2008
The big milestone
So not only did Sissy learn how to ride a four-wheeler over Spring Break (see previous post) she also learned how to ride her bike without training wheels! Wow - this was huge. We had practiced a few times before last summer, but after about two crash-n-burns she was done. So we gave it another try and now she can do it. I'm so proud of her. It only goes with her perfectionist personality though. I knew after a couple rotation of the pedals by herself she wasn't going to stop until she got it!

Then the cutest part of all happened after the first day of trying (the day before Easter) she came in the house and made a calendar of all the days she was going to practice. She had check marks and stars on each day. She told me that the check marks meant she had to practice and the stars meant she already practice.

That's my girl...you got to have this kind of stuff organized! LOL!

*I've been trying to upload two videos of Sissy riding her bike and it's failing. I give er' a try tomorrow...

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