08 June 2006
Thursday Thirteen (a little late!)

This morning started off like no other because I had an abdominal and pelvic CATScan scheduled at 8:45am.

Since I have never had one done before I wasn't sure what to expect. All I knew was that I had to fast (no food OR drink) starting at midnight last night AND that I had to drink some Barium Sulfate before I went to bed and this morning when I woke up...

Hence, Thirteen Things why I NEVER want to have a CATScan done ever again!

1. You cannot eat or drink not even water after midnight the night before. Yes, this meant no coffee in the morning - ugh!

2. The Barium Sulfate was the worst "Creamy Vanilla Smoothie" I ever had to drink. Nice advertising by the Rx company but it tasted NOTHING like it.

3. Waking up the morning of the appointment to drink yet another 450ml of liquid chalk!

4. Arriving at the appointment and being told, "oh, didn't I tell you yesterday you're not suppose to come back here for your appointment?" Me: "No!" Then me to self: "and you better not tell me I have to reschedule and drink the gallons of liquid chalk all over again!"

5. Stopping at new office in restroom to get sick for 15 minutes. And, I'm not talking about vomit.

6. Checking in at the front desk...
Receptionist: "How many Barium's have you drank so far?"
Me: (Proudly) "Two".
Receptionist: Oh, okay you have to drink ANOTHER ONE.
Me: (no words, well that can be typed here anyway)

7. Downing another 450ml of liquid chalk that Rx company has now claimed "Berry Smoothie". For the record, it was not anywhere close.

8. Laying down on the CATScan machine and having the radiologist tell you that you need to have an IV with Iodine for contrast.

9. Radiologist then continuing on to say, "Now I'm going to put a solution in the IV to make sure the IV is clear and working. You may feel a little funny and a bad taste in your mouth."

10. Just 20-30 seconds later 'feeling funny' and like I have to go to the bathroom. (See number #5).

11. Watching the machine go back and forth over your mid-section and having the machine tell you to breathe...hold your breath...breathe for longer than you want or can.

12. After the test, having the radiologist tell you, "drink lots of water so you can get all that iodine out of your kidneys".

13. Then, quickly exiting the CATScan room and running to the closest public restroom to once again relieve more Barium Sulfate.

AND my added one...

(14.) Waiting for the results?????

  posted at 8:47 PM  

At 11:34 PM, Blogger BooMama said...

I've had to drink that barium sulfate stuff before...it is the WORST...oh my goodness. But mine was plain, which I think would have to be better than "creamy vanilla." EWWWW.

Saying a prayer right now for your results...if it helps at all, I had some tests done several years ago...and when the doctor was showing me the results, I saw this big black blob on the film. I panicked and said, "WHAT'S THAT? WHAT'S THAT?"

And he sort of rolled his eyes at me and said, "Um. An ovary." :-)

I was fine. I bet you are, too. :-)

At 12:31 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

This is my first visit to your blog - I was laughing at your choice of TT! I might need to go in for an abdominal ultrasound, I hope it isn't like that! Ultrasound sounds so much safer/easier than CATScan . . .

At 4:45 AM, Blogger Wendy said...

Yuck that does not sound like fun. I'm sorry it was so bad. I am praying for the results. Last night the Lord brought you to mind and I prayed for you.

At 6:10 AM, Blogger Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Oh Theresa, the entire episode sounds miserable. One of those days when you just want to be somebody, anybody else.

So today - be nice to you, for you surely have earned it. And public restrooms - the worst place to be when you have issues of this level going on! Of course if there was anybody in there when you arrived, I'm confident they cleared out quickly!

At 6:37 AM, Blogger aggiejenn said...

Wow! That's a really bad way to spend a day!! So sorry you had to go through that, but praying that it was all worth it when you find out the results. Blessings!

At 12:08 PM, Blogger Robin said...

Ok, missed your call this morning. You didn't leave a message. I have tried home and your cell. I am worried so CALL ME BACK.

At 9:42 PM, Blogger Addie said...

T-Lo, I've been out of the blogdom today, so I hadn't seen this until now. I'm praying for ya girl! I hope you don't have to long of a wait. I think that is the hardest part of all!

Much Prayers and ((Hugs))!

At 3:35 PM, Blogger Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Waiting stinks. I'll be praying. :)

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Stacey said...

I hate that stuff!! What's up with that anyway, they can't find a way to make it any more flavorful?? Yuck!!

Praying for you and the results of your test! Sorry to hear you're still having lots of pain!!

At 8:02 PM, Anonymous Lauren said...

I hope the results come in soon and are just what you want to hear.

At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sorry you had to go through that. Glad they didn't find anything wrong, but I pray your symptoms will abate as well.

At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Katherine said...

Oops, it didn't record my identity for some reason...that's my comment above.


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