04 June 2006
Apple, you've come a LONG way baby!

So did the Black Blob finally die do you ask? Nope! Did the Black Blob grow since last week? Yes. And DH took me to the store to get a new laptop! The only catch was that I had to get a MAC! Yes, you read that right. I have not used a MAC since the beginning of my college years. But of course I agreed.

So off we drove to Scottsdale to the only Apple store within a 50 mile radius. I walked up to the salesman and said I'm here to buy the new MacBook but please try to convince me why I should switch from a PC to a MAC? (Besides that the fact this was the only computer DH was going to buy.)

Now I have known for awhile that if you're dealing with pictures, videos, and images that Apple is the way to go. But I just didn't want to give in. Well after 30 minutes of talking to the salesman I was walking out with my new blogging tool!

I have to admit that my DH was right!! I absolutely LOVE my new MacBook! It's so light and the resolution on this screen is High Definition quality! I can't even hear the fan running like on my old one. Except for a few key changes and screen changes it's awesome. I have to say, Apple, you've come a long way baby since my college days. I am now in sync with my iPod, iTunes, iHome and all my other Apple toys.

Not too mention I had this baby set up by myself on the wireless network in 20 minutes!! Now, that's saying a lot ladies! Well I've got to run and go and learn some more about my new toy - new images and updates to come...

  posted at 6:56 PM  

At 9:00 PM, Blogger BooMama said...

I am so. happy. for. you. :-)

I'm a Mac girl, too, you know. PowerBook. Hubby tells me that the new MacBooks are WAY cool, and he is very excited for you, too.


At 4:43 AM, Blogger Wendy said...

Awesome! You are so techno savy...I am way behind you.

At 11:19 PM, Blogger macmohan said...

Web is all about building links to your site. Do you use iWeb and iLif for blogging?


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