30 March 2006
Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen Things I am MOST embarrassed about!

1. In elementary school, going outside for recess and spotting a long blonde hair Recess Guide which I thought was my older sister and jumping on her back and sliding down around her body to find out it wasn't my sister!

2. When I was about 10 yrs. old my mom sent me to the store to get milk so we could have cereal for breakfast. She told me to buy her a newspaper with the change. I was so excited to eat the new cereal we got (I think it was Cap'n Crunch), I ended up buying another box of cereal and with the extra change I bought a pack of gum!

3. I was on the eight-grade girl's basketball team and at the end of practice, each person had to make one lay up in sequence or we had to run laps for each one missed. Well to make it more interesting we (the girls) decided we would snap each other's bra strap if we missed. Only to realize that one of those practice days...I forgot to wear my bra!!

4. I was cheerleading at a high school basketball game during a time out and came out onto the floor to do a cheer for the crowd with pom poms. Well our new pom poms had plastic handles around the hand; as I started tumbling across the slick gym floor to the sidelines (you know where this is going don't you?) I slipped on the handles upside-down in the AIR and landed on my rump sliding into the wall! (I took a bow to the crowd to help shake off the horror!!)

5. My naive self moving to Texas (from Ohio) and pronouncing the word Tortilla like Tor-till-la in front of my new Texas friends!

6. Since having children I switch between a diaper bag and purse on occasion. Well I grabbed my diaper bag one day on a trip to Wal-Mart and bought a cart FULL of groceries only to find out that my wallet was in my purse and I had no money to pay! (I believe I've done this twice now!!)

7. Last fall I was picking up Victoria after being at Mom's Day Out and carried Claire in in her infant seat (she was just born). I set Claire down to help Victoria put her shoes on and proceeded to walk out of the building without Claire! I ran back down the hall after realizing I had left her only to meet Victoria's teacher in the hall to come find me!

8. Last summer I was delivering some Mary Kay products to a client of mine and I was putting Victoria in her car seat. I threw my keys in the front seat so I could do her seat buckle - upon tossing the keys they hit the seat at the correct angle and it hit the lock button. Wha-la! Victoria was locked inside the car! I had to go back to the house and ask to use her phone so I could call John to the rescue!

9. I think that's enough damage for now...thirteen seems like a lot!

10. If I happen to remember any other good ones I'll post them as I remember. Looks like I still owe ya about 5 more.

11. Sorry some are private and I can't share them...he, he!

12. I can't believe I really posted all these ~ how embarrassing is that??

13. Most embarrassing...posting all my most embarrassing moments on my personal blog for the world to laugh and make fun of me!!

Hope you all get a good laugh! :-)

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  posted at 12:03 PM  

At 10:20 PM, Blogger Julie said...

Nice to know you can't come up with 13.

My 2...having my bikini top come undone (it was one of those Body Glove kind w/ the zipper down the middle front) sitting on the beach (courtesy of boyfriend who was joking around and didn't really mean to actually unzip it...or so he says.

Second one, with same boyfriend...I went to take a sip of my soda out of the cup, forgetting there was a straw in it (no lid). Said straw went directly up my left nostril. Thinking "okay, I'll remove the cup, straw will stay with it." It didn't. I was just left with a straw stuck up my nose. I think my boyfriend peed his pants laughing. I still get teased about it to this day.

At 12:22 PM, Blogger Addie said...

That was a great 13! Better to just get it all out now in one post. I might just have to try this one some time.

At 9:42 AM, Blogger Stacey said...

Good to know others have stuff they'd like to forget, too : )


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