30 October 2005
Pumpkin Masters here I come

For those of you who do not know this...Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Why you ask? Carving pumpkins of course! Every year I try to pick out a unique pumpkin to carve. Just to give you some in past years were, the statue of liberty (picked due to 9/11), baby carriage (because we just had our first lil' one). Then, from that point on it has been all about Victoria.

Last year I did Dora the Explorer and this year's winner as you can see, drum roll please...the vintage Strawberry Shortcake! Victoria is dressing up as her for Halloween this year but she is going to be the comtemporary SSC. Therefore, I have made the decision to carve whatever character, animal, etc. she will be dressing up as.

Now I must admit, this is not one of my better carvings for two reasons. One, no one (on the planet) could provide a pattern for SSC and two, I made this pattern from scratch. That is...find a picture, print it, enlarge it, enlarge it again, Finally, try and figure out what the gray areas will be to carve without having the pumpkin cave in! This is very hard I might add. Needless to say, next year we will have a pattern for what ever costume Victoria chooses. Did I mention, I have a broken right index finger as well? Okay, nuf said...Halloween is still a favorite holiday. Smile

P.S. Anyone interested in carving pumpkins www.pumpkinmasters.com by far makes the best tools and patterns in the business.

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